Friday, May 14, 2010

The Lanes take a trip!!

Hi folks! Just a quick little note to let you all know I haven't fallen off the face of the earth. In fact, Vince and I have been busy with work, family, the usual and are taking a little time off.

Thanks to some flight fuck ups last year, we had some free airline travel, hotel bonus points and what not and decided to spin the globe and go somewhere (at least where the airline went!)

So here we are.....

San Antonio and Austin, TX!!
Last night we spent on the Riverwalk and ended up at Coyote Ugly. One of the things we've learned is that as much as we enjoy the romantic walks and nice dinner's for two, there's just something about going someplace you can let your hair down and get a bit sexy that just makes us feel "right." It's was strange though; I was one of only about 4 or 5 other women in the place. The couple next to us had the Lifestyle vibe but we didn't push it. The other ladies were considerably older but they were definitely having a ball! One woman in particular was invited up on the bar to dance with a Coyote and let me say, the lady didn't embarrass herself. She had the moves!

The photo is two of the Coyotes on the bar getting doused with a barrel of water. It was hot out, so they probably enjoyed it on more than one level. :)

But the gents kinda saddened me a bit. This may be assuming wayyyyyyy too much, but a lot of them seemed a bit pathetic -- looking up at the 20-year old dancers, knowing that they were going back to their conventioneer hotels or where ever, after being stalked by bouncers with the initial BMF on their shirts (Bad Mother Fucker and OMG they were!). But the thing is they gave the impression of voyeurs, little boys doing something "bad." I have the sneaking suspicion that their wives or girlfriends aren't part of this because they can't be, they can't enjoy this atmosphere with their beloved, only in the darkness, hidden from them.
One guy might have a problem though. He was partaking in (and paying for) the body shots from the gals and his chosen Coyote, standing on the bar, his head tucked firmly between her legs, leaned over, pulled up his shirt and with a Sharpie started writing on his back. What she wrote was "I like having sex with dick here" with an arrow drawn down to his ass crack. His buddies thought that was hysterical, and I admit, so do I; but Sharpie is fucking hard to remove and if he's heading home to wifey-poo in the next day or so, he's got a bad night ahead of him.

Vince was going back to the hotel with me, and let me tell ya, that makes all the difference. ;) We're not so sexually adventurous that we'd pick up strangers in a bar; but the fact that we both know that we WOULD have an adventure with the right folks in the right place makes the night in question even sexier. Strange but true.

Now we're off to Austin! Going to check out some music, theatre, museums, etc. And while we're there try to meet up with a fantastic writer and person I've been following on-line for quite some time. She's awesome, and the chance to have a drink with her is one of the new wonders I'm finding in this blogger-like world. Some people I read their material and think "holy hell!", other I read and think "interesting, but not relevent to me", a few feel like they are just a few steps farther down life's path and yelling back cautions and encouragment. And then there are a few, who I feel like I "should" know. It's as if there is a connection, that magical click that so many people describe, and it just jumps off the screen as I read the thoughts they choose to share with the world. She's in the last group.
Anywhoooo, I'm reading blogs but not commenting much since we're having a ball here. I'll catch you all next week!


  1. Hey, I've been there! I hope you're having fun!!!

  2. I'm not gonna ask which category I'm in :-p

    that vibe is why I generally font enjoy strip clubs unless I'm drunk.

    Have fun!

  3. Sounds like you guys are having (or had?) a great time! Would love to visit Austin with hubby some day... I'm sure he'd dig the music scene and I'd find something to keep me busy as well!

  4. Traveling is so fantastic, it looks like you guys are really having fun!

    Come visit me.