Monday, November 15, 2010

Wacky world and other observations

So we went to the Stewart/Colbert Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear. The rally itself was great, but not because it was crowded (which it was) or because it was funny (oh yes, it was damn funny) or even because I agree completely with Stewart's primary point that rampant hostility, meaningless fear-mongering, and divisive, dishonest, and manipulative posturing by politicians and pundits is damaging to our national character (which fuck yes, I do!) but it was because I felt surrounded by people who are, for the most part, kinda like me.

About 230k - 250k of them. Give or take. But everywhere you looked you saw people who laugh at the same things and share a point of view that I happen to agree with. Man, it was awesome! And strangely, our foray into swinging is kind of the same way -- I'm only interested in people who laugh at the same things we do and who share our point of view when it comes to how we want to structure our swing-life. Folks at are, in fact, like us. More on that in a moment.

But first, a little more about our time in DC. We spent a few extra days there before and after the rally: Friday at the Library of Congress, Sunday on the National Mall. One of the first things to understand about me is that I'm seriously the kind of gal that can stand in front of a monument or in a historical area or in front of an amazing artifact and weep with emotion. You can only imagine what I was like wandering around our nation's capital. I stared in wide-eyed wonder at Thomas Jefferson's original 6300+ volumes that were used to replace the first collection of books that were destroyed by the British. Arranged in his original filing system (before the Dewey decimal) many were held by his hands. (NOTE -- another fire destroyed about a 3rd of the collection but they've been painstaking replaced.)

Knowledge. Wonder. Joy. Hope. Love. Lust. History. Error. Grace. Courage. Symbolism of larger and more important things than mere books and paper or marble and granite. And that was just in the fuckin' library. We pressed on to the White House, Washington Monument, WWII Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, Korean War Memorial, FDR Memorial, Jefferson Memorial.

I was so grateful to have Vince with me, a man who gets it and who shares my passion for such intangible things. Ladies and gents, we're nerds. We get off on history and art and culture. We dig knowledge and yes, we think ignorance -- or rather willful ignorance -- is ugly. Wanna makes us think you're sexy as hell, tell us something interesting that we don't know. You don't have to be a scholar or anything -- we're not -- but we're curious and appreciative of what lies behind the immediate and the obvious.

And this past Saturday night, we were ass deep in the the obvious but sure did learn a few new things. OUR FIRST SWINGER HOUSE-PARTY!

Let me start by saying we had a good time, met some cool people, and experienced a few new things -- I had my first massage that included a happy ending (wheeee) and that little orgasm was in full public view. (hehe) The hosts were great, especially the lady. Sexy, open, with -- IMHO -- the best body there though Vince has another gal in a tie for first.

We didn't decide on "no play" rules since we're not exactly unsure that we want to find couples to play with, but since we didn't know what to expect, essentially decided to take a watch and enjoy approach.

Every body-type was represented, and the people ranged from VERY physically and personally attractive to ohIdon'tthinksoyourekindacreepystayawayfromme kinda folks.

But it was far from what I'd expected -- a "normal" party just more amped-up with sex happening upstairs. From the moment we walked in I was felt up, groped, and grabbed. Strangely, not in an obnoxious way, but apparently that's just how you say hello. Like I said, learned a lot of new things.

"Ooooohh, Hi Ivey! Vince" I'm wrapped in an embrace and somehow three hands grab my ass, "We're soooo glad you're here!" And the hostess leans down to kiss my cleavage as her hands rub my nipples. Well helloooooo!

As we set down our beer and goodies in the kitchen I feel various squeezes and slides with every introduction. "Ivey, this is Bill." Pinch. "And his wife Sue." Grope. "Have you met Tim?" Lick.

Some folks are also HUGE on kissing. "Hi" as they came toward with a full tongue kiss. I quickly learn to move in for a full body-hug grope thus avoiding any unwelcome kisses.

And it's okay, we're rollin' with it, but it's pretty quickly becoming clear we're newbies and folks back off a bit. Then, in a very short amount of time, we're buck-nekkid in the pool and chatting with some lovely ladies. As other newbie couples arrived they'd get the same hello but would all, pretty much to a person, respond full on with a kiss and within moments be sucking, fingering, and generally fucking. At one point very early in the evening the hostess comes to the pool and we watch as she bends over, sucks one man to rock hardness, then as another starts playing with her pussy she lays down on the pool deck, raises her legs and has a wonderful, kitty-licked orgasm right there as someone stands up and says "who needs another drink?"

Wow. Just wow.

Later, Vince and I decide to take advantage of one of the upstairs rooms for ourselves and had a good time -- I had my first O of the evening -- though we learned later that locking the door just makes people more curious.

There wasn't really any pressure to "do anything" other than some good natured ribbing by the host -- who was a fucking machine! -- that we should "let up and live a little." The ladies we were sitting with us laughed and said don't worry about it.

As it turned out, our car was blocked in so we couldn't have left early unless we made a scene and since we were comfortable, if not actively participating really, we decided to just hang out and see how the night went.

And it went well -- no nerves, no real discomfort that wasn't easily dealt with, met some really great people and one or two couples we hope to see again, either on a date or simply at another event.

There were a few things though, that gave us pause:

We observed that, in the pool area at least, "safer" sex wasn't really anyone's concern. Fingers, mouths, and tongues seemed to go from one person to the next with no hesitation. That's not really our style as we would need to at least have a discussion with someone before anything went anywhere.

There were one or two guys that I found flat-out creepy. One fellow in particular decided to watch as another woman was getting her happy massage BUT he practically propped his elbows between her ankles, cupped his chin in his hands, with a vapid and slightly stupid look on his face as he stared straight up into her pussy while the masseuse was knuckles deep in and making her squirm in ecstasy. The guy wasn't her boyfriend, he was the boyfriend of another woman at the party, and that just seemed a bit intrusive to me. Then again, maybe I'm just a bit of a snob.

And for both Vince and I the idea of immediate sexual interaction with a complete stranger was a turnoff. Maybe it's just us, but we kinda need to know if we like you BEFORE we can even think about whether or not we want to fuck you. Seriously, we're just square like that.

One of the oddest things about the party was that the game was on and there was a group of (mostly) guys, wrapped in their towels, just hanging around the TV while there was literally available pussy everywhere. Maybe these guys had been in the lifestyle awhile or maybe they were all just taking a breather but seriously? A football game?! Are you serious?!?!

While we were waiting for my turn at the massage table, Vince struck up a conversation with the Mr. Massage, who took turns with his wife giving the massages. It was a pretty cool conversation as the guy's former job involved working closely dogs. My turn comes up, I jump up on the table, Vince and Mr. M keep chatting as my massage gets marvelously personal. And I loved it. On one level the surealness of it made me giggle at first but on another it was Vince being the Vince I know -- the guy who can find out the most interesting things about people with absolutely no effort.

As my massage got more personal, I'd vaguely hear him say to Mr. Massage, "See that smile? You're in the right spot." Or "See her bite her lip like that? That's a good sign." If I hadn't been on the edge of orgasm, I would've laughed out loud.

All in all, it was a fun night though I don't think it was how we're going to end up running our swinging adventure. If we decided to go to another party with these folks (and we probably will) we'll go with a couple where perhaps we've met before and maybe one of us has more chemistry than the other but we like the couple. Or maybe go with a couple we already know and play with and we play only with them but enjoy the sexual energy of the event. Who knows?

But the best thing about the night was that Vince and I enjoyed it together, because in the end, that's all that really matters.


  1. Well that was one heck of a party. We have been to parties with lots of hugging, but not that level of contact right away.

    I'm also glad you had a happy ending.

  2. We loved your Rally to Restore Sanity experiences. It sounds like a lot of fun and photo from the new Capital Visitors Center is great. At least I think that is the vantage from which the photo was taken.

    We're with ASM on her comment on the house party. They seem like a pretty fast crowd. Hugging and a peck on the cheek at first meeting sure, but groping, grabbing, and licking without permission or getting to know people a bit more seems a bit much for us too. The pushiness of some would be a turn off too. However, we're glad that you managed to have so much fun and figured out what is best for you both!

    John and Ann

  3. Great post! We definitely are like you guys. We kinda need to know we like you, before it goes any further! Good for you for trying a party though! That whole un safe sex part, scares the crap out of us!

    We think we would love to find a couple we could play with freely, and comfortably, and safely for a long time. C-Man

  4. We just love reading your blog Ivey. It is so good to know that there other out there that are just like us.

  5. We have been to dozens of house parties and hosted three or four parties per year for 15 years. The ones we attended were with couples who were experienced swingers. As such the assumption is made that people are there to have sex and so behavior may be a bit more forward than at other situations. What you describe is pretty much what you could expect if you attended one of our parties. The big difference is our parties were by invitation only and generally limited to eight to ten couples.

    Thanks for your take on the rally. We watched on the tube and try to never miss the nightly program