Saturday, May 21, 2011

Proj365 -- catching up (and gaps)

Here's a little catch up, without a lot of explanations or excuses. You may notice gaps in the photo days and yes, there are days I didn't take a photo.

123-365 -- Seen on a bike ride.
 126-365 Airport bookstore. Usually it's just the same ol' best sellers. Not at Dulles, baby!
 127-365 -- More Dulles customer service. Though I must say, I didn't indulge. The masseuses really didn't seem to be enjoying their work.
 129-365 -- A Saturday night out and another cool sink in a club.
 132-365 -- Beach toes. Vince and I took a couple of days and went to the beach. I meant to take some work with me and get a few things done but I forgot my jump drive. Shame on me.

FYI -- the next three photos are totally un-photoshopped. What you see is what I saw.
 139-365 The road to work. Off on another work project and this one is in the heartland. We had to drive more than 8 miles down this road to get to where we needed to be. But wow. Just wow.
 140-365 The prairie. And this is where we needed to be. Miles and miles and miles of stunning America. Holy cow, it's cool.
 141-365 A round barn ruin. Of course, we weren't the first to come around here. This old ruin was out in the middle of it. Cool, eh? Even in this part of the world, a round barn was an oddity.
 141-365 Water pump. And of course, I like to explore and found this inside the barn. (Found lots of other things too but can only catch up with so many shots here.) It was amazingly still and quiet in here. The barn was miles from pretty much anything, anywhere, and anyone. Awesome.
To catch you up a little on our Lifestyle life the fact of it is we've been over run with new friends, new experiences, and new activities. Quite frankly, with the crazy busy work schedule right now, we're having a hell of a time fitting it all in! I want to write more on the topic, or rather, I want to write more about why I'm not writing about it, but the time and the inclination just haven't been there. My blog and my life are evolving once again. A friend suggested that I not worry about the blog so much and just let thing roll; see what happens and how it changes. At the moment, I'm going with that.

Catch y'all later.

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