Monday, October 4, 2010

Weekend wrap up (starting with Thursday!)

Wayyyyyy too much going on these days, both in my head and in my (work/blog/lifestyle/regular) life. For the most part, it's been great, but also funny, sad, irritating, surreal, and everything in between. Here's a few highlights, starting with Thursday.
THURSDAY -- After 15 years together, Vince and I finally got around to buying some bedroom furniture. Now it's not like we've been living out of boxes all this time, but it's been a collection of scavenged hand-me-downs and college dorm leftovers that did the trick but had no "style." And I'm a style kinda gal! I may have mentioned in a meme before that my other dream career would be interior decorator.

So Thursday we head out to the stores and buy a chest of drawers and table AND since I found what I wanted at IKEA, we had enough money left in the budget to add something I've wanted for years -- gas fireplace logs! Wheeeeee!!!!! We're waiting for the burner to come in but as soon as it is I'll post a photo.

The funny thing is though, while we were in IKEA debating the merits of this chest over that one, Vince gets a text from K, the Mrs. of K&A, the red flag couple I mentioned in my last post that told Vince she could send him sexy photos but only if they kept it from her husband, A. Well, guess what folks? The text she sent essentially said "Vince, don't text me anymore. A and I are splitting up and I'm moving out of the area." BIG surprise, right?! Sheesh!

Then came the sad news, my best friend's father passed away. It wasn't unexpected, in fact it was welcomed, but never-the-less. When one loses a parent, no matter how difficult they are/were, no matter how old you are, no matter if the relationship was difficult or smooth, the world is different. She's also a southern gal like me and we can not image a world without Daddy in it.

FRIDAY -- We spent Friday assembling the furniture (the price you pay for inexpensive!) and moving furniture around. One thing to know about my house is that it's two story and the stairwell is kinda odd -- it twists and turns -- so carrying the old stuff down and the new stuff up takes more time than you think it should.

That was also the day my parents returned to pick up their delightful dog, Harley, and I'm pleased to say we got her back home in the same shape she got her in -- spoiled rotten. But the sad part of the evening was my parents. I love them madly, but my mother can see the cloud on any silver lining. Asking something like "how was your trip?" turns into an hours long litany of every idiot they encountered, inconvenience they endured, stupidity foisted upon them, and since it rained the entire trip, a Weather Channel wrap up of rain totals. It's exhausting.

That evening was the kick off to our little town's annual Music Festival. So we went downtown (a couple of blocks away) on the motorcycle, drank a little wine, heard a few great bands, ran into a few friends, then came home to a sweet slumber.

SATURDAY -- My redecorating quest continued! In addition to the furniture the room needed some new art and a few "finishing" touches so I took off that morning for a nice solo shopping trip. We'd found a cool painting of a nude at IKEA to hang over the fireplace and I'd had this little art project in mind for a while. If you look at the photo, you'll notice the black and white pictures framed on the wall. Look familiar? Yep! That's yours truly in some of our favorite HNT shots! We've decided that we want our bedroom to be our little love nest and if the cleaning lady is shocked well, fuck her. (Not really. She's a hard core conservative Christian but she's a nice gal.)

I think it turned out pretty cool!

Also, while I was out shopping, I stopped in at my favorite adult store to look for a new top. That night we were planning to go to a White Lace Swinger Party and well, I had nothing to wear. Since seeing Babe Lincoln and Vixen's awesome corsets I thought that's what I'd get. The thing is, I have told myself that's going to be my reward for losing 20ish pounds so I had a hard time pulling the trigger. In addition, I don't want a white one, I can't be trusted not to spill anything on it. Sad. But true. Vince always rolls his eyes when I come home from a shopping spree with white or pastel shirts.

But while in the store's dressing room, trying to get the damn thing laced, I get a text from a sexy blogger friend. Nothing sexy this time, just a little update on his and his wife's day, but it made me giggle in the store. ;) I didn't get the corset but did find a cute little lingerie number. In white. Let's hope I don't spill anything on it. Wheeee!!!!!

That evening we were back to the Music Fest, saw an AWESOME acapella group, had a nice dinner at our favorite Thai restaurant then took off to the party. We had fun but seriously folks, for any vanilla readers out there, if you think these are places of totally abandoned debauchery, sorry to disappoint. First, it was held in a vacant building. It was actually supposed to be in a nice club but got moved at the last minute. The new venue was clean but definitely a bit on the seedy side. There were stripper poles and good looking women enjoying them but for the most part the place had the vibe of a Jr. High dance. Lots of folks (couples, husbands, and single guys) hanging out on the edge of the dance floor watching scantily clad women do the Electric Slide.

We had a good time, talked to a few people but didn't run into anyone we knew, and neither of us are the "pick up someone in a bar" types. We weren't like that twenty years ago and we aren't like that now. In the future we'll still go, but probably only if there's someone else going that we've been chatting with on-line or if we see someone on the guest list and make an arrangement to meet them. Live and learn folks, live and learn!

SUNDAY -- One of Vince's bands played at the Music Fest as a last minute fill in after someone else dropped out. It was great! I walked down to the festival with my camera in hand and took a bunch of photos. After his set we hung out and drank beer with friends and we pretty much did that all afternoon. At one point, the band member who had Vince's guitars in his truck was taking off so we got a ride back to our house and then turned right around, hopped on our bicycles and rode back to town to continue our beer drinking and people watching at our favorite outdoor bar.

And while we were there, Vince starts chatting up the two lovely and hot sisters sitting at the table next to us. They were great! Vince had them laughing, the conversation was sexy and flirty, and I got to watch my baby does what he does best -- make people feel good. He's not a flashy guy however I swear I think we could have picked those two up! (But that may be just the fourth beer talking.) They invited me to join them next weekend at a Chippendale show!

We ended the day snuggled up in bed, in our sexy little bedroom, with a little sexy talk about what all we're going to do to each other as soon as my monthly friend gets the hell out of dodge. (Yeah, that's why there's been no talk about wild, wanton sex!) But this was the kind of weekend that makes up a great life and great memories. The weather was awesome, we got some things done, we had a little clean fun, a little naughty fun, saw a few friends, met some new people, listened to great music, performed some music, and on and on and on.

And tonight it keeps on going --- we have a few people coming over for a dinner party so I've got to get to the grocery store and get to cooking. The menu (and this is for Veronica LOL) Peach Balsamic grilled pork chops, wild rice, roasted vegetables and for dessert homemade apple pound cake (my grandmother's recipe) with cinnamon ice cream! Gotta run folks! Lots of memories to make!


  1. Sounds like a great weekend and your bedroom looks great. I'd kill for a fireplace in our bedroom (or in any room of our house - I mean seriously, shouldn't that be a requirement for Chicago home builders???). And I'm a huge IKEA fan, even if it does involve self-assembly...good bonding time when you're trying to figure out the cryptic Swedish instruction manuals!

  2. wow what a weekend you two had!

  3. As I was reading this I kep thinking "Somethings missing...there's no discussion of 'breaking in' the new furniture." but then you go and show me that a). You keep track of your storylines much netter than I do and b). I shouldnt be such an impatient reader :-)

    It sounds like it was fun! I expect the ladies dancing on the poles at the swingers club, polished and hardbodied or not, are every bit if not more entertaining than the ones at a strip club.

    I do the same thing to my wife if she brings home anything light. Is it the boobs? Make it harder to judge where your hands go? I know they make it hard for me to control where MY hads go ;-)

    Okay. I'm done now. Enjoy the dinner shinding!

  4. Sounds like a busy and productive weekend! But you forgot to mention one thing- drunk texting a certain friend on Thursday night ;-p

  5. Sounds like you had a great weekend!!

  6. Yeah Hubman, but I was plannin' on keeping THAT part to m'self! (grumble, grumble)