Thursday, September 23, 2010

HNT -- Behind Bars

FYI -- When I titled this post I was referring only to the effect in the photo. But now, after spending freakin' HOURS trying to get online an a high-end hotel where I'm currently staying for business I have to say I feel like I'm behind bars here too. All I have to say is any hotel that doesn't freakin' offer FREE wireless in the year 2010 does NOT get my money willingly! 'Nuf!!

Anyway, happy HNT my lovelies! I'm hours late but I hope you enjoy this fresh out of the shower view. ;)

And do make the rounds at Osbasso's for more half-nekkid loveliness!



  1. free wifi is a must ! Great pic too

  2. Great shot Ivey! Love the contrasting lines...

    And yes it is so cheap to offer wifi, I dont understand still why places make you pay or dont even have it.

  3. Hell, most of the cheaper hotels offer that!

    Love the photographic aspect here. Well, the boobies too.

  4. That's avery nice picture, I like the effects.

  5. Very cool shot!
    No free wifi at the hotel? Really??

  6. As 13messages once explained to me, high-end hotels charge for internet because they can, lower-end places need to offer it for free in order to entice you to stay there.

    In any case, I'm glad you persevered, it's nice to see you!


  7. Gorgeous shot!
    Technology seems to be lost on higher end places. Baffles me.
    Happy HNT!

  8. Sweet picture!

    I hate it when I get stuck in a hotel without the net.
    It always is the nicer ones it happens at.

  9. Wi-fi, shmi-fi. All I care to think about is how gorgeous this picture is! Like seriously, wow!

  10. so lovely! love the lines and shadows.

  11. I like that, very sexy.

    I agree with the wi-fi, tell me which hotel chain that was so I can make sure not to give them my business either.