Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday musings

I may have mentioned that the reason I haven't been writing a lot isn't because I have nothing to say. In fact, it's more like there is just too much. Observations, mental meanderings, wandering and random thoughts have been rolling around my noodle so I'm going to off-load a few.

Blogroll. You'll notice I added a few new folks to the blogroll so welcome GoodWill, Blue-eyed Bader, and Hands in My Pants! I've been reading you guys for a while but keep clicking through from other folks blogrolls and that can get to be a bit much. I'm pretty slow about adding new people and usually only do so after I've been reading someone for a while. Really, it's just a place for me to have easy access to their links. I'm not much of a "reciprocal" blogroller type.

Swinging. On the swinger front, Vince and I are back in the game, or at least we're trying to be. LOL We finally gave up on the most promising prospects (A&J) because they just keep flaking out on us and that gets tedious. But it's interesting that since our little dust up, Vince has turned a corner, an enjoyment/relaxation corner. There have also been a few very good blog posts recently by some of you guys that have been most helpful -- especially Sadie's recent post by her hubby. We're emailing with a few folks and have some we're trying to get together with so we'll see how it all goes.

Sex. OMG the sex has been just awesome around here. We're back to our daily grind (hehe) of once a day or so fuck-fest. That's the way I like it too. I'm not a girl who does well anymore without a regular rogering. But it is taking a toll on the furnishings. I was hanging some art over our bed and had to move it out. The picture is of the baseboard. It seems that our ahem, enthusiastic playtime is slamming the bed frame into the wall.... ah.... vigorously. I think I may need to do something about that.

Food. I love to cook! And I enjoy eating but as I mentioned last week I've rejoined WeightWatchers. Now talk of weight, especially my own, bores me stupid but I am having a ball with the recipes. One of my favorite desserts is Carrot Cake and this is their version and let me say people, it fucking rocks! I made this one from scratch and took part of it to a neighbor and the rest we took to dinner with some friends. Delish!

Distances. I really hate that some of you are so freakin' far away. Seriously. I'm so jealous of Hubman right now I can't stand it. California, Illinois, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Oregon, Texas and some of you I'm not sure where you are but I know it ain't Florida. Grrrrr!! I'd love to have lunch or grab a drink with a lot of you. Sure, the internet makes the world smaller in one way, but it's still a big, big world.

Blog life. Most of you don't know this but I had another vanilla blog before I started Ivey Lane and I haven't written a word in it since April. Some of those readers are now writing to me on FB and wanting me to start it again. The thing is my other blog isn't anonymous; and my family started reading it and taking it wayyyyyyy too seriously. Worse, they started chiming in with their opinions on my take on things -- which kinda sucks. I liked writing that blog but the freedom of writing for "strangers" is part of what I enjoy here.

I think we'll have something pulled together for HNT this week but in the meantime, I'll leave you with this shot. Every morning I bike by this place, sometimes I just hang out here for a little while too.


  1. Well a big thanks to you for the follow, and mentioning me! I've really enjoyed reading your blog as well, so thank you!

  2. I love posts like this... let's see, where to begin with my comments. That carrot cake looks divine - I have a few WW cookbooks and I will say that most of the recipes are pretty tasty. It's a good thing you're abusing your woodwork the way you are - probably the best way to burn those extra calories (wink!). And I agree, the whole distance thing is a bummer. How fun would it be to arrange a Friday night cocktail hour for all of us? Could be a dangerous thing (another big wink!).


  3. Psssttt...don't tell anyone, but FL looks like the next stop for OsTour! Probably within the next 6 months!

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  5. Ivey,

    A quick suggestion on the bed frame. Once you get the trim cleaned up (or before), some of those adhesive felt furniture feet applied to the guilty parts of the bed frame should help prevent further damage.


  6. Wish you were closer too. :)
    And that cake looks awesome.

  7. Yeah, I feel so far away from most of you that it makes me jealous too.

    Glad to hear things are going well for you both! And that cake looks wonderful :)

  8. what a great place to bike! Take it easy on the

  9. Ivey,

    Thanks for the shout out, I agree, Florida is too far away, I'd love to have lunch with you, or even a picnic on your bike trail

  10. Hey thanks for the compliment and the link.. you are part of the reason that I started writing again... somewhat indirectly but it was because of your blog.

    I am also really glad that you are back in the game, and that you were able to work through your issues or at least are able to keep working through them...

    Hmm spanish moss, you are probably not all that far from me. :)

  11. I'm glad that things are looking up. And I am glad you are back to the grind (and bump)

  12. Enthusiastic? I think that's an understatement!

    So you're jealous of my 10 weeks away from home and the 2000 miles of driving each way? Don't be, it's over-rated ;-)