Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What I'm enjoying today (Inspired edition!)

Today's post is brought to you by, or rather inspired by, Another Suburban Mom who posted a little list of things she was enjoying today. I loved it. Short, simple, to the point. A great post! (In fact, I titled this one "Inspired edition!" in honor of her.) But since it's me, my version will be a bit different.

With the events of the past month, it could seem like I haven't been enjoying much at all and that's part of the challenge of blogging. Yes, it's a wonderful place to talk through troubles and challenges and to reach out to people when you're hurting but it is only a small fraction of life. Moreover, so much of what I enjoy usually doesn't start that way. So with her post in mind, I kept a little mental log of my day and here's what I'm enjoying today:

My thighs are screaming. I mean they freakin' hurt! But I am enjoying it for a number of reasons. First, they got that way thanks to an awesome weekend. Vince's band had a gig a few hours away in a great Florida resort town and for this gig, spouses got to go along. I spent Friday and Saturday night dancing my ass off with a couple of the other wives and girlfriends in a sexy, upscale club to some of the best music around. And yours truly can still get low, low, low in a tight dress and insanely high heels. Getting back up, now that's another story and hence the sore thighs but I don't care. When I think about where Vince and I were two years ago, what we've done, come through, and emerged with, I love those sore thighs.

While we were on our little trip we went to the beach. While I was there, sitting next to my beloved spouse soaking up some sun, I enjoyed a phone call with a blogger friend. Nothing risque, just a few laughs, some exchanged information, and perhaps a little more growth in what seems to be a cool friendship. But this is a friend that I do exchange a little naughtiness with on occasion and he and Vince got to say hello. I'm not a gal who can enjoy herself if I feel I have to hide something from Vince. Just can't. We came through our little dust up with a new appreciation not only for our marriage but for the friends we have, those we share, and those who are developing. Knowing people with whom I can share more pieces of myself brings joy to my life.

The reason I noticed the pain in my legs so much is because I was on my bicycle this morning taking my usual morning ride. I love to exercise, not because I need it (though I do) but because it's become a part of who I am. I look forward to the heat, the sweat, the exertion in many ways because I can. This morning was an hour long ride on an awesome trail near my house. I do this three times a week. Three other mornings I do 30 minutes on the trail and 30 minutes lifting weights and I enjoy every minute.

On my ride back I stopped at our local produce market which is just a couple of blocks from home and picked up fresh local vegetables for supper. It's a great place and they have a huge yellow lab that always come out to say hello. I enjoy dogs of all sorts! And I enjoy cooking and right now the house is filled with the smell of home made soup that I'll nosh on the rest of the week! I really enjoy that smell but I also love the fact that Vince is going to get home in a hour or so to the rich aroma of a home cooked meal. He loves that, and of course, I love that he does.

Of course, I also enjoy eating and as many of you know, I have a life-long battle with weight that usually kicks my ass. But a few weeks ago I rejoined Weight watchers and at today's meeting the scale was down again. Now I enjoyed the fact that I've shed a few pounds, but in the past when I lost weight it was different; I believed I had to lose the weight first THEN I could enjoy my life. Now, I'm enjoying my life (and my body, and my friends, and dressing up, and being naked) anyway. It's a great feeling realizing that I don't have to wait for the weight to come off before I can do all the things I've wanted to do.

I finished a major portion of a work project and I must say, I enjoy my work. It's useful, creative, educational, fun, and fulfilling. More importantly, I work with Vince. More importantly than that, we determine how we spend our time and I enjoy that very much. Today, in addition to the above, I went to the grocery store, folded the laundry, and am sitting down to write a post. Tomorrow I may take my little laptop with me to my local nude resort and get a little more work done hanging out naked at a pool. Can you get any more joy than that?! I mean seriously, my clients have never once asked me what I was wearing or where I was when I answered their email or worked on their project. ;) Heck, today I was taking calls and sending email during my ride.

Later tonight I'm going to work on plans for a dinner party Vince and I are going to throw in a few weeks. I love dinner parties!! We usually host 3 or 4 other couples and enjoy coming up with a good guest list. We like to have a mix of people who may or may not know each other but who we think bring something interesting to the table. In fact, that's all they ever have to bring -- an opinion, a little intelligence, and lot of laughs. I'll spend the day of the party setting the table and making table arrangements, cooking prep, and stocking the liquor cabinet. Drinks at 6:00, dinner served at 6:30ish, and after that who the hell knows where it'll go? Heck, I enjoy just anticipating the good time that is on it's way! :)

At some point, I'm going to answer a few emails from some other really cool people -- the on-line community of friends that are moving from "readers" to real people. You guys make me laugh, make me think, and on more than a few occasions have picked up my spirits. I enjoy discovering you guys and gals. I never ceased to be amazed at just how fascinating you are. I hope to meet a few of you in person some day but even if we never get the chance, my world is richer because you're in it.

Much later tonight, I'm planning to jump Vince. Seriously. And I'm planning to enjoy it immensely! I'm thinking candle light, sexy lingerie, a few of our toys perhaps and a fucking, sucking, pounding, playful, handful of boobs and hair, hanky-spanky, rip the headboard off the wall throw down. Due to biological reasons beyond my control, let's just say I'm primed. ;) I soooooo enjoy fucking my husband and if it's possible I enjoy the fact that I want to even more than that. Rediscovering the sexy, opening up the possibilities, and sharing all of that with a partner is a-maz-ing!

Oh, and I expect a few of you will crop up into our fantasy play as well, in fact more than one, maybe more than one at once, certainly more than one gender (LOL), and in multiple positions and scenarios.

And ladies and gents lemme tell ya, I enjoy the hell out of that.


  1. What a great post Ivey! You may have inspired me to draft something along the same lines, so thanks (and thanks ASM)!

    It's so nice to hear how people are enjoying themselves - not just sexually, but in all the little ways that make up life. Sounds like the weekend was fabulous and your week is off to quite a start as well!

    The positive vibe of this post put a smile on my face after a long day at work (sadly, I can't escape to a nudist resort to do my job!).

    Enjoy your evening (wink!)!

  2. Sounds like a great weekend, great day and hopefully a great night. :)

  3. Sounds like you had a fantastic weekend and were planning a very hot night! Hope all went well

  4. Since I'm a day late with my comment (you can spank me some other time!), did the night go as planned? :-)

  5. I like this post. I'm glad you are having good things in life. :)
    Hope it continues its positive direction!

  6. Thank you for mentioning my post. I am glad I could inspire you.

    I love your post and your happy outlook. And the soup sounds delicious.