Wednesday, December 22, 2010

HNT -- Three Wishes (and an extra)

Happy HNT you lovely folks! I've got to admit, I'm really diggin' participating in these themes. This is surprising to me 'cause quite frankly, I've never really considered myself much of a joiner, but that's another thing that's changed during the course of 2010, and I'm sure I'll be posting about all that soon enough.

So Osbasso (don't forget to check out the rest of the Half-Nekkid-ness!) threw out the challenge, to sum it up, choose three HNTers/Bloggers to give a Christmas wish. It can be from the heart, humorous, or fantasy. Per the guidelines, it shouldn't be someone too close, but since I'm not too much of a rule follower I did choose folks I've exchanged an email or two with. Not surprisingly to me, my closest, or rather most personal friendships I've developed in the blogosphere are with men, so I'm giving three wishes/gifts to three ladies -- Minority Report, Another Suburban Mom, and Babe Lincoln.

To Minority Report -- I wish I could give you to my excess libido; Lord knows that I've recently discovered I have more than enough! ;) In truth though, I think your openness, honesty, and warmth is inspiring, as is the love between you and your hubby that comes through your words and your photos. I so wish I would have known about you when I was going through my interminable "dry spell." You help people, MR; I'm sure of it. And even though our circumstances were and are different, I'm equally sure that you will ultimately triumph.

To Veronica -- I wish I could give you my kitchen, or at least a meal in it! I would love to have you sitting at my bar (or heck, even manning the stove!), vino in hand, laughter and stories bouncing off the walls. I found your blog before I ever found Ivey Lane. I enjoy reading your stories and adventures, but your perspective is amazing. You're funny (that's no surprise) but only recently have I realized how deep and genuine your desire to help people really is. In a world full of busy-bodies and narcissistic twits, you are a true gem -- a courageous, compassionate, wise, humorous, sexy, sweet person. Perhaps if you do make it to Florida next year, I'll be able to give you this gift in person. That said, if you haven't noticed, I think this one would really be a gift for me!

To Babe Lincoln -- I wish I could give you a cup of coffee, or hot tea, whichever you prefer! Seriously, I know I'm going to be in Chicago at some point in the future or maybe you'll find yourself in Florida, but if and when we're in the same state, I'd love to just sit and chat... in person, an in-real-life, face-to-face conversation. I think we'd laugh our asses off. I love your writing. I love how you chronicle your thoughts and adventures... and mis-adventures. There's something about your journey that just feels familiar to me and though I may be mistaken, I think you and I could chit-chat for hours. And when the coffee is empty I think you could help me pick out a kick-ass corset!
So that's my three wishes for my three chosen bloggers. But as promised in the title of the post, I have an extra Christmas wish for you all. In honor of my most recent loss of a friend, I wish you all love. I wish that you have it with your husbands and wives and girlfriends and boyfriends and families and friends and children and most of all for yourself. I hope you take every opportunity that comes your way to choose love, joy, and laughter over limitation, fear, and doubt. And when you have the chance to let someone know they're appreciated, that they are valued, that they are loved, you take it.
Merry Christmas!



  1. Well thank you! I am honored you thought of me. If winter is as sucktastic as I think it might be I might be at your doorstep one of these days.


    A Spring NYC meetup? Theatre, dining, shopping?

  2. Thank you so much!
    I'll take the extra libido. :)

    Gorgeous smile in the pic by the way.
    Hope you have a very Merry Christmas.

    ((btw - if you DO hit NYC let me know. I'm not that far away.))

  3. What a beautifully written post Ivey! Your last gift of "love" was a needed reminder amidst all the chaos of the past few jam-packed days to just slow down and enjoy the real meaning of the season. I needed it, so thanks!

    And heck yeah, if we find ourselves in the same state, you can bet there will be some coffee to drink, corsets to buy and lots of laughs to enjoy!

    Hope you and Vince have a very merry Christmas!


  4. PS. Had I been on the ball, I would've participated in this theme and likely would've chosen the same ladies as you! Love Veronica and Minority Report as well!

    Merry Christmas gals!

  5. Great gifts hon. Especially to MR, that was sweet :)


  6. Great job on the gifts, especially the last one to all of us. Don't let the grief take away from the joy of the holiday!

    Merry Christmas!

  7. You keep saying things like 'you're not a joiner' and I know you've explained you've changed quite a bit in the last year...but I just don't buy it.

    A smile like that over a cup of coffee (or better yet over an uhmmm well, you know staring up from under the blankets where you were ahhh well uhmmm *blushes* nvm) would make any morning feel like Christmas

  8. Everything here is just so lovely and kind and selfless. Beautiful words and a lovely photo there.
    Happy Christmas!
    LGS xx

  9. Very lovely and great picture!

    Merry Christmas!

  10. If you and Veronica ever have that kitchen meeting, I'll be on the patio having a beer with Vince, since neither of us would be able to get a word in edgewise :-p

    Veronica, I'd be happy to watch the kids while you meet up w/ Ivey (and MR?) in NYC!

    Happy HNT, very well done!

  11. Great post and I am glad to see that you are a joiner