Wednesday, February 10, 2010

HNT -- An old fashioned girl

Well folks, it's that time of the week again.... Happy HNT! As always, before we begin, a few Ivey facts:

  1. I am a sensual person. I don't just "take" a bath; I indulge in them.

  2. Every tub in my home is an antique, primarily because they are deep and comfortable.

  3. Whenever I bathe, I always include a novel and a glass of wine or a wine spritzer. Always.

So relax... soak it in... and enjoy. I always do.

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  1. Adore antique baths and with a glass of wine even better :]

    Lovely blog~!

  2. You think there might be room for me to join you in there? You know, to wash those places you can't reach ;-)

    Enjoy your bath! Happy HNT!

  3. You're my type of woman! I do the same thing - down to the book and glass of wine. Thankfully we have a great old clawfoot tub. Nothing is better.
    Happy HNT!

  4. Beautiful shot!
    I LOVE antique bathtubs. I grew up with one. Sadly, we have a shower in this house. ::sigh:: One day...

  5. I love how you bathe. My baths are pretty much rituals, too.

    Your tub is also beautiful. Does it have feet? I had one when I was a kid. I thought it was very cool, but my little brother was always freaked out by it. :)


  6. Oh how I wish we had a tub like that (one that also came with a beautiful woman would be nice!). Such a sensual shot... love it!

  7. I admire how you immerse and enjoy your bath time so in that moment. Lovely picture!

  8. I'm so envious of your tub! If I had a tub like that I'd want to thoroughly enjoy it as well.

    LOVE the pic. Very burlesque/50's. :)

  9. Plenty of room in there it looks like even for a fat boy to join! great pic!

  10. I rarely get to do that cb my tub at the apartment isn't big enough! Our goal for our house is a tub big enough for two.

  11. I love baths too! Very relaxing and your skin is so soft afterwards! Your very hot picture paints such a nice and inviting atmosphere. Also, I am so jealous of your tub.

  12. I adore a long hot bubble bath, sometimes with music and candles!
    Those tubs must be delightful. Love the photo! HHNT

  13. Oh I'm envious, I'd love to have an old bathtub.