Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Unexpected realizations

A few days ago Vince and I are lolling in bed after one of our perfect morning "wake-up" sessions. I love a good rogering in the morning, usually 3 or 4 times a week! Wheeeee! Usually Vince wakes up earlier than I do, heads downstairs to start the coffee, check email, etc., then as soon as he hears me start to stir he comes back up to the bedroom.

Now some mornings it's just for a snuggle and giggle, so I can gently greet the day. But not this morning. This morning was a thrashing, pulsing, screamin', rip the headboard off the fuckin' wall, pussy pounding, fuck-fest.

During the slow years, as we call them, we never did this. Never. I wouldn't have been interested and he wouldn't have initiated it. Now, almost every morning I wake up good to go. Yes! Another change is that I used to be pretty embarrassed when we had sex. I made sure it was dark, that I was covered. No bed shaking, no headboard rattling; I was very quiet.

Not anymore.

Anyway, we're languidly enjoying a post-coital snuggle, as the rising sun starts to light the room and the birds start to trill outside our window. In our little part of the world, Spring has sprung.

Suddenly, it hits me. If I can hear the birds through the windows...

My eyes widen and I turn my head. "Shit! Vince, do you think the neighbors can hear me?"

He stares at me for a moment, then his eyes mirror my goofy-ass expression, "Damn, baby. I'd never thought about that."

We work from home and tend to have sex whenever we feel like it; morning, noon, or night. We've lived in our old house for about 10 years. It has no insulation but instead just block, plaster, and stucco walls. Our bedroom has two stained glass and three double hung windows as well as fireplace with no damper and a copper-topped chimney. People on bicycles, walkers, runners, kids, old folks, the neighbors to the north who are in their yard year round and happen to be the principal of the local high school, the neighbors behind us with kids in the backyard constantly who happen to be one of the local pastors, the neighbors...... OMG.

Vince looked in sequence at the windows and fireplace. "We might need to check it out."

Later that afternoon I'm upstairs in the bedroom faking the most dazzling orgasm I can muster while Vincent stands in the front yard and checks for kids walking home from school. I spice it up with a reference to one of his favorite three-some fantasies by ending with "Aieeeeeee, Papi!"

A few minutes later, he comes into the bedroom laughing.

"I think we may need to get you a ball-gag, senorita."

The expression on my face says, Never gonna fuckin' happen.

"I might just have to learn to keep my mouth shut."

The same expression crosses Vincent's face, Never gonna happen.

Well, we'll think of something. Hopefully, before we start having friends over. My, my, my... whatever will the neighbors think?


  1. This cracked me up as I've wondered the same thing about the acoustics in our neighborhood, particularly in summer when the windows are open! But we've never cared enough to do anything about it - figure let the neighbors hear what a healthy relationship sounds like!

  2. That's hilarious!
    I have often worried about our neighbor next to us - near our bedroom. Then I decided she could use a little spice in her life. :)

  3. I wish I lived in your neighborhood.

    And not just for the sounds ;-)

  4. I used to live overlooking a busy street in a city where people walked everywhere. It was an old building, and my bed was right against the windows. People could hear us, and often would yell things back at us. We just stopped caring, and had fun with it.

  5. LOL, the testosterone surge of the early forties :) If only I had been able to wake up and do that with Ruf three or four mornings every week!

    It's funny but, at my flat where I have to see my neighbours every day, I bury my face in the pillow, clamp my lips together and try to hold back the noise. It really impedes my enjoyment. So now we just turn the radio on LOUD. At his flat, I dont give a toss and shriek loud enough to wake the guys three doors along.