Wednesday, March 17, 2010

HNT -- Thinking of him....

And another Happy HNT is upon us! The time has sprung forward, Spring is around the corner, and my thoughts turn, as always, to him.

But first, a few Ivey facts:
  • Over the past few months I've delighted in a number of cyber-crushes and on-line flirtations and you guys always put a smile on my face! (You know who you are, and THANKS! :) )But my number one pass-time, my favorite mental preoccupation, is Vincent.

  • We are literally a 24/7 couple. We work together from home, travel together for business, and entertain together as a couple. And we are extremely happy and content with our arrangement.

  • Occaisionally, he has a gig and is away from me, so I have the evening home alone. I usually slide into the tub with a good book, or maybe curl up on the couch and peruse my favorite blogs, sometimes I may flirt with a disembodied friend or two, but every night when I'm climbing in bed he's the one I think about before drifting off into a contented slumber.

Everything I dream about is in addition to -- never instead of -- him.


Check out the other half-nekkid loveliness over at O's place!

And on another note, I'd like to give a special shout out this Thursday to the delightful Babe Lincoln and her hubby. They are rejoining the HNT wackiness and I hear a "rock and roll" theme is on the docket. Congrats, you two!!


  1. Wait, I'm not your only cyber-crush? ;-)

    Fantastic picture, is there room on that bed for me?

    Happy HNT!

  2. You look beautiful in this shot! So relaxed and so gorgeous! And thanks for the shout out!

  3. Sigh. I thought I was the lone cyber crush!!!!

    Awesome pic. Very sexy.

    I had to come back because the word verification was "brest" hmmm reckon they can see your pic?

  4. You look so very beautiful here. I like your tattoo, too.

  5. dang - I thought I was the only crush of all the guys above me in the comment box... *sob...

    Totally kidding - plus who wouldn't want to share a -bed- I mean crush with you?

  6. I'm one lucky chap and Ivey you are the Sun to my moon and my stars. XOXO - Vincent.

  7. Cyber-sluts are hawt. As long as they're not 'random access'. Know what I'm saying? That's just dirty.

  8. That's a wonderful angle. Beautiful! Happy HNT!

  9. what a cool angle and sexy shot that is...I love your words too "in addition to" him


    HHNT - People in love make me smile...

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