Monday, March 29, 2010

Sex, life, and videotape

I watch the brunette, her tongue sliding up the hard, vein-y cock. Her hair bounces up down with the motion of her bobbing head, moving quickly, then suddenly slowing, taking him deep, then sucking as her lips drag upwards, popping over the mushroom-shaped head. She does this several times. I hear the in-suck of his breath, then a low groan.

The view is from his angle, what he sees. The part in her dark hair, her boobs, bouncing out of a leopard print bra. She shifts her legs, lowers her back and I see the curve of her ass lift behind her, the matching thong perfectly splitting her cheeks-- firm and round and shapely. Suddenly she looks up at him, smiling deviously, deliciously, happily. He says something; I'm not sure what, but she smiles, full teeth, full lips, and like a goof rests her nose on the tip of his penis. He tells her he's "getting this on video," on his iPhone.

She laughs out loud now -- throaty, and a wonderful -- and responds by taking him all the way into her throat, as deep as she can.

As deep as I can. It's me on the little screen and Vince's gorgeous, lovely cock in my mouth.

We've never done this. Not ever. Well, yeah, I've given him blow jobs and once he took a picture of it but never run a camera. I mean really, I've never seen myself, or my Vincent, like this before, and it's fucking hot.

Now, I'm not necessarily sultry. I don't look like the chicks on porn making freaky-pouty faces, odd mewling noises, and teeth bared snorts. Vince describes me as "cute." I laugh. I smile. I giggle. A lot. I didn't really know that about myself. And as I continue watching, I realize, I don't look stupid, silly, fat, or ugly. In fact, I look damn sexy, especially when I look straight up at him, into his eyes, and all I can see there is wanton, wonderful, enjoyment.

I continue to watch the screen where our actions of a few moments before are recorded. I can see my lips curled over my teeth, to protect his gentle skin but I'm not being so easy with the rest of the package. My hand has his balls in a tight grip that I use to raise him deeper into my throat then pull back him back down. I can't see it but I know my knuckles are pressing hard between his balls and his ass as I pull up with my hand and push down with my mouth. My other hand is under him, pressing up, tantalizingly close to an area I'd just love to play with a little more.... like he does with mine.

I have rediscovered the blow job, and oh my fucking god, is it awesome.

His hand enters the screen and just as his fingers intertwine in my hair, the shot ends. He's put the fucking camera down so he can concentrate on what's going on. He grabs hard too, and lifts his hips to slide his dick even deeper, deep enough I almost gag, but not quite. When it gets too much, I press on his stomach with my other hand and he lets go of my head and wraps his hand around his cock to stroke himself to completion.

I wait, my gaze going back and forth between his face, his pumping hand, and his swollen member, waiting for him to pant out "now, suck it now." And I do. And he bucks and grinds into my mouth as he comes and I keep sucking and licking and squeezing the tip of his cock while he cums and moans and calls out for god.

My, my, my, how things have changed!

I'd never considered myself great with the blow job and there was probably a six year period where Vincent may have received three or four half-hearted ones. Two years ago the idea of a camera would have sent me running from the room. Now it's my freakin' idea. Hell, a year ago, I still would have squicked at the idea of him cumming in my mouth now it's an integral part of the plan. I stay on task dammit, until his fuckin' eyes roll back.

My friends, I have seen the light and I don't know why.

I think part of it is thanks to Sadie and Figleaf and Goose and Emmy and Hubman and Veronica, and all the other bloggers who write about the joy of enjoying sex. A greater part of it is changing my views of sex and love in general. Another part is the delightful on-line play I have with a few choice friends who rev my engines and fill my head with fun fantasies and awesome ideas.

But, and I think this is pretty huge, is the greater communication between Vince and me. To tell you the truth, the entire time we were "in the desert" he never complained, never once told me that my inability and unwillingness to have sex or give him a blow job hurt him or that he missed out on intimacy or even just the fucking fucking. I never knew how good orgasms felt to him. I guess I "knew" but I didn't know from him. It was only very recently in fact, that he told me how it felt when I sucked him off has he came, that it's "a nerve shattering, body wracking, mind blowing" sensation. I swear to god, I didn't know that.

And now that I do, I want to give him those sensations more. I want him to feel good. Very good.

I have a few readers (men who aren't having sex with their wives and some women who are struggling with lack of libido) to whom I'd love to say "I don't' know the specifics of your situation, but it DID turn around for us. It can turn around for you." My sex drive came back ... with a vengeance ... and man oh man I can't imagine going backwards.

After Vincent caught his breath it was my turn, I'm running the camera now and he's running his tongue and our toys. We've actually named them so I have Oscar in my pussy, Lil'Pete in my ass and Vincent suckling my lady bits. And yes, I've got pictures and no, you can't see them! But we did. And it was great! And after he rolled my eyes back in my head and I came so hard I almost pulled his hair out. But we weren't done. Oh no. We next found ourselves at the end of the bed, me bent over and him behind for all out pounding. OMG I love that! We ended the festivities with Vincent cumming for the second time in an hour.

This is our new normal and it is still unfolding, still evolving, still growing.

Part of me feels like a seventeen year old boy. I mean, I'm good to go! Ready and oh-so-willing any day, any time. It doesn't even take a stiff breeze. And Vincent ... well, let's just say he's not only keeping up, but starting to lead off on occasion. We're both continuing to open up a little more, to each other, to life, to experience. Who knows where we'll end up? But we're both pretty sure we're going to enjoy where the ride takes us; we're sure as hell enjoying the ride now.


  1. It's difficult to have too much leopard print. Just saying.

    I like people opening up. Just saying...again :-p

    Good on you. Sex rulez, celibacy drools. There there are times I wonder what I might have done had I not spent so much of my 30's thinking of tits and vagina. I was a frikken genius in my 20s! I swear!

  2. I love your new normal. Keep having big fun. I love reading you guys.

  3. Finally getting around to comment...

    We discovered the fun of nekkid pics when Veronica was pregnant with PP. It started as a way to document her pregnancy but evolved into, ummm, something more ;-)

    Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to imagine some of the images that are on your camera....

  4. The new normal is fabulous! I'm glad to hear things are evolving so nicely.

    And what a HOT post!! :)

  5. So I first read this post at work, during lunch on my phone. Bad idea! My mind was distracted for the rest of the afternoon! I blame you for my lack of productivity (wink!)... very hot post lady!

  6. Yay for the ride being more fun!!

    I feel like a teenage boy too sometimes. Okay, all the time :)


  7. Very hott post and my balls are getting blue now -- can't you post a little of the hottest parts? On OHNT maybe?