Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sorta HNT

So we've finally returned to our humble abode and back to the land of predictable internet service and adequate bandwidth. Whew! What a week!!

As you can see, we didn't actually get an HNT pulled together so I thought I'd show you something that is pretty secret -- Vincent. So keeping with tradition, first, a few Vincent facts:
  1. Vince is an amazing musician (guitar is his main instrument), an outstanding amatueur/sorta pro photographer, and an all around good egg.
  2. He is a pretty -- oh hell, who am I kidding? -- VERY private person. This is about as much nekkid as I ever think we'll see on Ivey Lane.
  3. He is pretty oblivious when it comes to his attractiveness with the ladies. He's usually so into whatever he's doing, he doesn't always notice when a woman digs him. "She was hitting on me? Really?" Of course she was.

(Vince adds "I'm not that stupid. I do know when I'm getting attention. But I am always surprised by it."

Oh, and this shot was taken on a beach in north Florida, south of St. Augustine. The rocks you see are coquina outcroppings.

Happy Half-Nekkid-Thursday everyone.



  1. Hello, Vince.
    Happy HNT. :)
    North FL looks beautiful.

  2. Welcome home!
    And I love the picture!

  3. Looking great. I really love that shot.

  4. Nice to meet you Vince! And welcome home to the both of you.

    Happy (late) HNT!

  5. A boy and a beach... two of my favorite things! Welcome Vincent!