Saturday, March 20, 2010

Moonlight Serenade

So Vincent and I are working from the road for a few days. This project requires -- I mean just requires! -- us to spend 7 nights at the beach. During the day, we're pretty much driving up and down the beach road, writing, taking pictures, and conducting an interview or two, and at night we explore the local restaurants and haunts.

Last night, after a hard days work, we headed over to a little hidden gem of a dining establishment that our client suggested. It's a backwoods Florida coastal kinda place that serves up Alligator Tail, Frog Legs, Catfish, Oysters, etc. etc. They also serve this tasty libation called a "Swamp Thang"; I'm not sure what all's in it except Bacardi and lots of other stuff and our fantastic server, Jimmy, who was just as cute as could be, took a shine to us and told the bartender to make 'em "friendly." It was indeed the color of swamp water and served in a mason jar. I had three. (Vince had a couple of beers, as is his custom.)

Dinner was great but that's not the story. After we ate we came back to our resort where we have what amounts to private beach access. It's still a little cool at night but we decided to take a walk down, just to listen to the waves and watch the stars.

Man, oh, man! It was DARK. And low tide so the waves were crashing rhythmically in the distance. This stretch of Florida coast has no high rise hotels, no light polluting city lights, and mostly private homes on the beach. In other words, it was totally deserted. So it was just me and him. Just us. All alone. On our own private peace of paradise, arms wrapped around each other, gazing into the heavens.

I was so happy I just had to give him a blow job right there on the beach. And I did. (Grin!) And it was marvelous. (Vincent grins!)

It was also a first. I gotta tell ya, I completely envy the camping-in-the woods nature-types sometime (not all the time, but sometimes) mostly because they get to fuck in nature. That just sounds pretty cool to me.

But back to the beach, we hadn't thought to bring a towel or blanket with us and the thought of sand in my ladybits wasn't appealing so we zipped up and hustled back to our room for some right proper nookie! And Vincent got to come again. Twice in one hour! Not too shabby for a 40-something year old man, eh? And I, of course, got as many big O's as I could stand, as is my custom. (More grinning here!)

There's a swinger club in a town not too far from here and if we can swing it (get it? swing it?) we're going to head over there this evening.

Since we are working from the road, Internet access is spotty and time is limited. I won't be posting or commenting much but will be reading your stuff.

Catch ya later, Alligator!



  1. Another wonderfully told story from Ivey--beach blow jobs sound like fun, but you really have to come prepared for beach activities don't you?

    We hope that you have a great time at the club tonight. We look forward to your report on this evening's festivities.

  2. Believe it or not, I've never had sex on a beach! Overlooking a beach, but not ON a beach. I need to visit wherever it is you are. And maybe you could help out ;-)

    Swingers club tonight? Have fun!

  3. I'm in the 'sounds better than it is' camp for sex on the beach, but blowjobs in the beach? Awesome.

    After a while crocodile.