Thursday, April 14, 2011

102-104/365 Butchers and plagues

A quick catch up: 

101-365 Denuded: Who the hell would do this to a tree? Two people I know and love dearly. Sigh.
 103-365 Butchered: These are, or rather were, my Easter Lilly plants. They have grown in the back yard, unmolested since we moved into our house 12 years ago. For some stupid reason, the yard guys decided to "trim them up." Have you ever seen anything so dumb-ass? The plants will probably survive into next year (they're tough), but they don't recover from this type of butchery in the season. Sigh.
 104-365 Plague: I've been whining about it and here it is -- these are my great gams TWO WEEKS after the Virginia Creeper exposure, in other words, this is them looking BETTER! Dear lord, the temps are finally back into the sticky upper 80s and I can't wear shorts or even a dress for fear of causing a public health panic. Sigh.
Okay, the next post is HNT. I'll cheer up.

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  1. I think all the vegetation in your neighborhood deserves exactly what it gets in retaliation for those legs. Can't show weakness in times like this.