Friday, April 8, 2011

Damn, damn, damn!

I get it. It's funny. Haha. Ivey Lane gets into Virginia Creeper, which is really just like Poison Ivy and has to alter her (and Vince's) plans with a wonderful couple of swinger-types for Saturday night. Get it? Ivey? Ivy? DAMN!!

On a positive note we just changed the plans, didn't cancel them, and I'm anticipating a terrific evening out on the town. We're going to have dinner then head to a strip club -- a first for yours truly. Wheeee!!

But that's the thing. From the beginning, it's been about more than sex and fucking for me. It's about adventure, good times, openness, laughs, enjoyment of the broader, wider, richer world. At the risk of sounding like a freak, it's always been about personal growth. I don't want to be a one-note-nellie on anything and we truly enjoy these people and the fact that we find each other sexy as hell is icing on one hell of a yummy cake.

It was funny though. As I finally realized that the rash that has eaten my leg was too much of an obstacle to overcome I had to figure out what to say to our friends. Let me tell  you folks, this was NEVER something where I thought I'd need to know the proper etiquette.

"Hi! It's Ivey. We'd love to see you but I'm too hideous to fuck. Really. I look like a leper. Would you like to get together anyway or would you rather just call it off because hey, if we can't put out, really, what would be the point?"

Needless to say I pulled myself together before I picked up the phone realizing one of the most wonderful learning experiences of the LS -- "Not this time" doesn't mean "Not ever." And good times can and will be had. And priming the pump can be a ton of fun.

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