Saturday, April 16, 2011

106&107-365 Goodness and Sadness

Thanks to the continuing, on-going, and seemingly inexhaustible incompetence of our elected leaders, Vince and I have been kind of idled recently. So we've been filling our time dining out, going to movies, having drinks in bars at 2:00 pm, and so on. Yesterday I started ripping our CD collection to my computer. Good times.

106-365 Yummy Goodness. I didn't actually eat any of these sugary delights. I was too busy enjoying the bar-b-que at the new joint that opened up in town. Line out the door to get in but it was indeed, quite tasty.
107-365 Sadness. Damn it. Last week Red and Louisa quit coming to their nest and I just fucking knew it. The babies were gone. Whatever got them this year didn't tear up the nest like last year which makes me think it may have been one of the many raptors we have around here -- owls, hawks, ospreys, eagles, whatever. I get that it's nature and all, but it saddens me none the less. This is the third year and next year, if they start building their nest in these same bushes, I'm going to knock it down. My heart just can't take it.
With my legs still being in the same sad shape, I decided we can't go on any dates (and we've had the opportunity) and we aren't going to any parties (and there's one we've wanted to go to for a while) so this weekend is going to be pretty straight up vanilla. We may take the motorcycle out today, I'm going to hang with a girlfriend tonight. Tomorrow, we're off to the theater then another friend's surprise 60th birthday party. 

On another sad note, I found out last week that one of my second cousins died. She'd had a very hard life of illness, depression, drug and alcohol abuse but it appeared she was getting better. She was about my age and her daughter (who is single and currently pregnant with her first child) found her dead at 2:30 in the morning. They'd watched a movie together the night before, and sometime between turning in for the night and when her kid got up to go pee in the wee hours of the night, her heart stopped.  

Next week, I have a house guest. I've mentioned before my friend whose husband has brain cancer. She needs a break. Of course, it will cramp Vince and my time for our usual anytimewefuckin'feellikeit fucking, but sometimes one must make sacrifices. In all seriousness, it's yet another reminder of that life is short, unpredictable and can be astoundingly sad and difficult. Give what you can when people need it, lighten the load, share the burden as well as the joy. Don't hold back. Don't be scared. It's a very short trip from cradle to grave. 

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  1. That is most excellent advice, at all times.

    New BBQ and cupcakes! Yummy!

    Did I tell you that I took the kids into 'the city' to get some Sprinkles cupcakes a while back? Oh MAN those were the best fucking cupcakes! Not sure they're worth the trip, or the $3.50 a pop. But they are way better than any other gourmet imitators I've had!