Monday, April 11, 2011

A Night at the Gentleman's Club (and 101-365 Baby Ducks!)

I know you're all dying to see the baby ducks so if you must, go ahead and scroll down to check them out. Cute, cute, cute!!

And now, a night at the club:

We met our friends at a local martini bar and marveled at how it felt like only last week since we saw them. It's actually been over a month. But the sexy chit chat and laughter still flowed nicely and after a relaxing snack and round o'drinks, we set out for the strip club. We chose the premier upscale club in our area, the place where the food really IS outstanding the ladies really ARE stunning. Our seats were perfect; just back from the dance area and right in front of the main pole.

I'm glad I saw the "rules" post that I wrote about yesterday. I felt completely relaxed. In fact, that is the second of the two things that cause me to stress out -- not knowing how to behave or what to expect. And it's closely related to the most stressful cause of tension for me -- inappropriate, obnoxious, or clueless behavior. Seriously, I can't watch "Curb Your Enthusiasm" for that very reason and have a hell of a time watching "The Office."

Anyway, back to the story. The atmosphere was great -- clean, just the right amount of lighting, not crowded but not empty. The music was up but not overly loud to the point you couldn't laugh and hear your own conversation. There were a LOT of girls and they were all lovely and had a nice range from very thin to slightly curvy. One surprising thing was that they were all very natural; no garish makeup, no fake boobs, no wacked-out hairstyles. But the shoes... OMG the shoes! Three to four inch platforms with an additional three to four inch heel. Damn. And they didn't fall over. Not once. I'm sure most of the men do not marvel or even notice such things but I sure as hell did. And was even more impressed.

Speaking of impressed, most of the ladies really could pole dance and I mean that in an athletic way. The Cirque du Soliel performers have nothing on these women!

At first, the Mrs. and I were the only two women customers in the club and there were probably 20 - 30 men. One table of guys were the "make it rain" types and they were seated just a few feet away. Needless to say, they were getting a lot of attention from the ladies, buying lots of table dances, so through proximity we kind of got a little bonus. Hehe.

So after another glass of wine I finally worked up the nerve to tip a dancer, a lovely Latina lady, perfect skin, medium sized boobs, great smile and she smiled at me a lot. I took my dollar up to the edge of the stage, ignored the thoughts in my head of "what the hell are the men in the club thinking of me right now" nerves, waited patiently for her to notice me (which she did, very quickly), and immediately dropped my dollar.

Damn. I laughed and picked it up, slid it under her garter, told her that she was lovely. A little while later, she came by the table making her "thank you" rounds and yes, I got my first table dance. She was a terrific pro -- great dancer, terrific body, lovely smile and laugh. I was thoroughly entertained and yes, it was worth the $$.

And Vince was entertained too. And the other couple. And it was just an all around great night. The Mrs. and I made out in the ladies room (wheee!) and went back to the table where each whispered that fact into the others husband's ear. When we left the club we had some seriously sexy good night kisses in the parking lot along with curses at the fuckin' Poison Ivy/Virginia Creeper that was preventing the four of us from having a serious fuckin' throw down. Damn.

But we're going to see them in a few weeks time. Vince and I are tied up with work and travel through the end of the month but the delay should give me time to heal. In the meantime, I anticipate some sexy, flirty texts and maybe a few picture exchanges. There's a party next weekend that we'd planned to attend but for now the jury's out on that one as well. It's a Hef and Bunny party. I can't do "bunny" in this condition. Sigh.

But after all this time on this long road, I think Vince and I are finally hitting our stride.

And now, 101-365: the baby ducks:


  1. A strip club is still on my to-do list, so it is always nice to read about someone else's experience so I know what to expect. And a makeout session in the ladies' room... wish that was standard protocol! Sounds like you guys are having fun, even with the Virginia creeper hanging around!


  2. Yay!!!!! For sexy nights out!

    Booooi!!! For rashes and lesions!

    Yay!!!!! For pretty ladies juggling their bits!

    Yay!!!!! For ladies making out in restrooms!

    Yay!!!!! For feeling comfortable in one's debauchery!

    Yay!!!! For future plans.

    Overall a pretty Yay filled weekend.

    I've been to strip club with women twice. Once was a friend and his coworker who was drunk and really wanted to fuck him. To the point where the bouncers were telling her to relx. Uncomfortable

    Once with my wife...and sister. After getting drunk
    At the bar across the street. Uncomfortable!

    I need a different group of chick friends ;-)