Saturday, April 9, 2011

Strip Club Etiquette (and catching up on Proj365)

Tonight I'm going to my first strip club and once again, fate has brought me timely advice! Reading the Huffintonpost this morning I find this article "The Strip Diary, Day 4: An expert video guide to Gentleman's Club Etiquette." Perfect!! At the end of the article there's a link to a video with two current and one former strippers who offer expert advice on some do's and don't's. Obviously, they are speaking mostly to how men should behave but at the end, they address women's behavior as well. I feel prepared as it seems simple enough:

  1. Dress appropriately. (Look good. Men no sweatpants or linen trousers, wear underwear and that goes for the ladies too.)
  2. Keep your mouth closed (as in don't have "bass mouth" when a dancer is giving a dance i.e. working)
  3. Keep hands to your self.
  4. Don't grind back if the dancer is grinding on you.
  5. Smile if you're enjoying yourself, make eye contact.
  6. If you don't want a dance, just say "no thank you." Nothing more and definitely not "maybe later." (Sounds like rule one of swinger-dom)
  7. Ladies, you're a customer/client, not an employee of the club. The pole and the dance floor is where people work, not play. It is not for you.
  8. Ladies, don't go if you're going to be jealous.
  9. Enjoy the entertainment.
  10. Don't be an ass.

On to Proj365!

98-365 Ducks!! I do my run/walk thing around at our community Rec center which has a retention pond / water feature. As soon as the thing was built a bunch of ducks took up residence in this new urban wetlands. On my first jog around I saw them with all their little ducklings but by the time I came back around with camera ready they'd hid the kids and just the grown-ups were hanging out. Maybe I'll catch them on Sunday.

 99-365 Grand-dog! Our new tenant has a dog. She's 24 and young enough to be our daughter so we've decided he's going to be our grand-dog. We get to play with him and have a good time but we don't have to clean up after him, feed him, or take him for walks when it's pouring rain. And Vince and I absolutely LOVE dogs and it's so wonderful to have this guy around. We look forward to baby sitting, play dates, and the general health and well-being that comes from having a dog on the place. Of course, we now have to be careful of not co-opting this verygoodboyyesheishesaverygoodboy!
 100-365 Babies!! I mentioned that I thought Red and Louisa had chicks in their nest and yep, here they are! There are three of them and our back door Cardinals have been working like crazy to keep these little mouths fed. There are three of them in there and now I'm just a wreck. Are you can see, the kids are unattended and though this is a nice neighborhood it's wild kingdom around here -- birds, cats, snakes, oh my! I'm just going to keep fretting until these little guys are out of the nest.
That's all for today folks! I'm now off to enjoy the rest of the weekend.


  1. The strip club advice is very good. I also love the granddog. All the fun and none of the work.

  2. I guess I have *ahem* more extensive strip club experience that my darling wife, I would say that some of the etiquette depends on the club (and any state or local laws). Some clubs encourage a surprising amount of contact, other areas a "private dance" is done from at least 3 feet away.

    Ask Veronica about our last strip club visit and her dance with Mia, she'll tell you about the discreet contact she enjoyed :-)