Sunday, April 24, 2011

Proj365 -- a weeks worth

A bit behind in posting Proj365 photos so I'm going to do a quick catch up:

109-365 Monday -- A Rose from a friend. This rose is from the birthday party the night before. The B-day girl gave all the ladies in attendance one from the MASSIVE bouquet she received from someone who couldn't make it. It's making me miss my rose bushes but until the Virginia Creeper is eradicated, yours truly ain't stepping foot into the damn yard.
 110-365 Tuesday -- You know you're in Florida 1: The transplants to Florida LUV their Bingo and HATE their friends' grandkids!
 111-365 Wednesday -- Something one needs to know, I guess. The Bingo folks might not care for the young'uns, but the folks at Bodum do. I gave Vince a French press coffee maker for Christmas and our drip coffeemaker gave up the ghost a few weeks later. The other morning, we finally got around to reading the instructions on the side.
 I guess the normal users of a French Press need to be told to keep hot fluids and kids separate. Is that because it's "french" or is that because it's pretentious coffee making?
 111-365 (still Wednesday) You know you're in Florida 2: The guys (and it's always guys) who hang the fake testicles from the back of their trucks are just annoying. But this guy gets extra points. Yep, those are actually large "nuts" welded to a huge chain, attached to his trailer hitch. Seriously dude. Seriously.
 112-365 Thursday -- Tiny frogs: On my run their were more babies (in addition to the ducks.) These little guys were everywhere and I looked like a moron trying to run and not step on any of them. I'm sure I failed and the guilt is killing me. Maybe there should be a warning label for their little frog parents -- "baby frogs and runner's feet should be kept apart."
 113-365 Friday -- retiree madness: They may be grandkid hatin', bingo lovin' freaks, but they also have an eye for tricking out their golf carts. Note the neon glow beneath this rad roadster.
 114-365 Saturday -- A good question: Vince and I are off on another travel adventure and we found this sign posted in one of the Salt Lake City airport eateries. I guess in our case, the answer is kind of obvious, at least to the readers of this blog. Hehe.
 114-365 Saturday -- Majestic: And here we are. This is our locale for the next week so posting will be sporadic though you may not be able to tell a difference though considering my posting regularity, or lack thereof, lately.
Hope you all have a great week! I'm sure Vince and I will have plenty of photos and we'll try to come up with a really good HNT!


  1. The last pic looks like the Grand Tetons. If it is take the cascade trail :)