Saturday, April 30, 2011

115-120 Proj365 -- Stunning beauty

Some of you guessed that Vince and I were out west for the week and yep, that was the case. We were in the Jackson Hole and Yellowstone area. I won't go in to too many details (since it would just take too much room) but here are a few photos for your enjoyment.

115-365 Sunday -- Yellowstone: In one day we saw more bison than we could count (mostly walking on the marvelously deserted park roads, Old Faithful, the mud pots, two grizzlies, lots of elk, a wolf, a coyote, ground steaming from the lava not too far below the surface, and more general beauty and vistas than one could shake a stick at. This photo was actually taken from the rental car as we were just driving around the park. Wow. It was also National Parks Week so we got in for free. Bonus wow.
 116-365 Monday -- Lone Wolf: Off we went to the Bear and Wolf Discovery Center. This lad, in fact the whole crew, were like practiced models.Perfectly posing for our cameras. He wasn't exactly alone though, there were two packs, kept separate, but that they Center took care of and let me tell you, they were all gorgeous. On of the coolest things about our trip is that it was off season and most of the places we went were almost empty. Not only did we have places, but we also had the rangers and guides pretty much too ourselves.
 117-365 Tuesday -- Wildlife Art Museum: A museum dedicated totally to wild animals depicted in fine art. Again, we pretty much had the place to ourselves so we got a private tour with a docent. This is a close up photo of pretty large painting, about 4'x6'.
Same museum, this one was HUGE! It took up almost an entire wall. 

 118-365 Wednesday -- Sweet, suite upgrade! When we got to Jackson Hole I was able to talk our wonderful hotel into an upgraded suite. You already saw the jacuzzi in this week's HNT but here's part of the main room; you can't see it, but there is an almost floor to ceiling picture window on the left and a full kitchen on the right. They spoiled us!
 119-365 Thursday -- Lone Bison: This guy wasn't actually alone either, but with his herd. We took a drive out to a wildlife refuge and these guys were just hanging out, munching by the side of the dirt road.

Of course, everybody's got to eat and we also found this guy by the side of the road as well. It's a young elk with plenty of bite marks on it's rib cage. Because it was a refuge, I'm pretty sure it wasn't hit by a car but instead a predator found a meal. We're guessing wolves, the same gorgeous, pet-like looking creatures we saw at the Discovery Center a couple of days before.

 120-365 Friday -- Good lord, does the grandeur ever end?: We had some time to kill before we caught our plane out so we just decided to take a drive and see what else there was to see. Everywhere you look was beauty and I wondered "How long would you have to live here before you started to take all of this for granted?"
 120-365 Friday -- Bye-bye, lov-ah! Ahhhhhh..... me 'n the jacuzzi got awfully close. Every night I climbed in here (sometimes with Vince - hehe) and let the swirling massage take me away. I'll miss the beauty of Wyoming and nature, and also the warm embrace of bubbly, relaxing tub!
That was the week folks! I'm back in sunny Florida for a few days then heading out again! Catch you all later!


  1. If you get to visit there again, you think you could arrange to pack me and my camera in your bag? I'd love to play tourist there!

  2. I knew it!!! Grand Tetons! Ha! I guessed right :) if you ever have a chance to make it up to Glacier, it's a great park. Looks like a lovely time. We went at peak and it was crazy annoying.

  3. I've been both places many, many times and it's just absolutely *amazing* matter what time of year you go it's stunning.

    Love the pics!