Wednesday, February 2, 2011

33-365 Mentally ill or a jerk?

I took my bike out for a ride on the trail yesterday. It was gorgeous weather down here, 70's and sunny, light breeze. Just... delightful.

But I was on the trail because I was pissed off and needed a serious attitude adjustment. I sometimes refer to our local trail on FB as a 22 mile mental health care facility. When things are really getting on my nerves, I go for a nice long bike ride and that usually perks me right up.

And it worked yesterday, for the most part. See, here's the thing, there are a few people I know who appear to be mentally ill. Seriously, the stuff they do, the way they affect others, the way they think (or don't), the piss-poor results of their actions all point to some time of mental deficiency. I mean really, how can you consistently produce such rotten results all the time unless there is something wrong with you?
But riding my bike yesterday on the lovely trail in the glorious weather, I remembered that some people are just jerks. And the best way to avoid their jerkiness is to just avoid them. Hard to do when they're family, but certainly necessary for my own mental health.


  1. Gotta love the connection between exercise and your own mental health. I wish I had a mental health care facility like that around here, and that I could use it year-round

  2. Some people are just not worth your time - if for no other reason than they suck all the joy out of you!

    I'm a big fan of exercise-induced endorphins!