Monday, February 7, 2011

38-365 Enough already!

I'm pretty confident that my beloved readers are about as sick of "home improvement photos" as I am of working on the project. The good news -- we're nearing the end. Here Vince is gently tapping in the finishing nails for the previously pictured (37-365) refinished shoe mould.

Geez folks, this is just a rental.

But I expect we'll be done soon enough. After spending this morning working I'm going to become the clean-up crew this afternoon and by this time tomorrow, I expect it'll all be done.

On another note, I thought the game yesterday was a good one. First, congrats to all the Packers fans out there. Second, what do you expect when you get a twit like Christina Aguilerra to sing the national anthem? Can we please get the country stars? At least they tend to know the words, sing it well, and with respect. The half time show? Puh-leaze! As Vince said, he thought that with all the folks in white spandex circling the giant round stage, they could've named it "Insemination: the Musical" and had it at least make visual sense.

Catch you lovely folks later! I think I'm feeling a twinge of sexy coming on and Vince just walked in the back door. Gotta go!!


  1. You with the home improvement photos is like me with the snow and ice photos! I've vowed for the next week, nothing but indoor photos unless I see something really interesting!

  2. You can't help but photograph what you are living.