Monday, February 7, 2011

A hundred questions

I have the night to myself and was inspired by my girls Minority Report and Another Suburban Mom. I know it isn't Sunday, but I can't be tied to a calendar when I'm inspired. So for something that ISN'T Proj365, I present -- Ivey answers a hundred questions.


1 -- One of your scars, how did you get it? -- I have many scars. I'm an active chick and not exactly coordinated BUT I have a scar on my left knee from from a wipe out on my bicycle. I was coming home from a ride and my neighbor pulled out of his driveway in front of me. It happened the morning that I met the two people who launched us on this wacky journey.

2 -- What is on the walls of your room? -- I have tons of stuff on my walls but I'm going to pick my bedroom. I have a series of our HNT photos and two beautiful nudes. Our bedroom is a love-nest and I like it that way.

3 -- Do you snore, grind your teeth, or talk in your sleep? -- Not usually, though Vince says I've been know to snore on occasion. Until I hear the tape, I refuse to believe it. I am a delicate Southern Flower; I DO NOT snore. ('nuf!)

4 -- What type of music do you listen to? -- On the radio, I'm a fan of club music (e.g. Lady Gaga), at home, it's Vince. He noodles on his guitars in the morning and I often wake up to the sound of live jazz.

5 -- What time were you born? -- 6:00am. And I think that was the last time I was productive at that hour.

6 -- What do you want more than anything right now? -- Hard to say. I don't want things, business is going well. Lately I've been in a bit of a sexual funk so I'd say I want my roaring libido back. But I think things are once again on the upswing there so that "want" is short lived.

7 -- What do you miss? -- My granddaddy. My daddy from before his stroke.

8 -- What is your most prized possession? -- My grandmother's diaries from the 1920s. She was an amazing woman that lost her way.

9 -- How tall are you? -- 5'7"

10 -- Do you get claustrophobic? -- No. Except I hate the press of large crowds. I don't know if that's claustrophobia or just annoyance.

11 -- Do you get scared in the dark? -- No.

12 -- The last person to make you cry? -- I cry at coffee commercials, never watch Animal Planet, and on and on. I'm a big ol' softy but I got misty in "The King's Speech." The last person who really made me cry was this.

13 -- What's your worst fear? -- I actually have three. In descending order: Dying poor, dying without ever having lived fully, living without Vince.

14 -- What kind of hair/eye color do you like on people you're attracted to? -- Brunette's with blue or green eyes. Uhm, that would be Vince.

15 -- Where can you see yourself proposing? -- Proposing what? A new business venture? A hairball scheme? Oh, you meant marriage. Well, as the girl, I never imagined that. Yeah, I'm kinda old fashioned like that. But I did leave Vince PLENTY of hints and he proposed at my home, on my birthday, after a day at our local art museums. I DEFINITELY cried that day! Tears of joy. :)

16 -- Coffee or energy drink? -- Coffee baby. Love the go-juice!

17 -- Favorite pizza topping? -- Peperoni, mushrooms, onions, garlic, and LOTS of cheese. Bring on the luvin's!

18 -- If you could eat anything right now, what would it be? -- A favorite food? My favorite food, I kid you not, is Fordhook Lima Beans. I could eat them until I explode.

19 -- Favorite color of all time? -- A deep, rich green.

20 -- Have you ever eaten a goldfish? -- Ew. No. Gross.

21 -- What is the first meaningful gift you ever received? -- A pony when I was 10. Her name was Beauty and she was all black with a white blaze on her forehead and white socks on her front hooves.

22 -- Do you have a crush? -- Have you been reading this blog? Hell yes! I have tons of crushes. All of them wonderful!

23 -- Are you double jointed? -- Not in the least.

24 -- Favorite clothing brand? -- I don't really have any "brand" type clothes, though I do tend to shop at Cold Water Creek quite a bit.

25 -- Who is your favorite female/male celebrity? -- Strange perhaps for a former actress, but I don't particularly care for celebrities.

26 -- Do you have a pet right now? -- Alas, no. We lost both of our beloved dogs to old age a couple of years ago. With no children, it was a crushing loss. Since we travel so much, we haven't gotten new ones. Though I do live vicariously through my friend's pets and my blogger friends' pics. (Go Owen!)

27 -- What kind is it? -- We had a collie (a full on Lassie, though he was all boy-boy) and a mutt (a Retriever/Ridgeback mix.)

28 -- Would you fall in love knowing that the person is leaving? -- Probably not. I'd fall in lust, or friendship, but no I wouldn't fall in love. Though is you caught the drift of my answer to #3, I'll always be in love with Vince.

29 -- (I copied this list and this question was missing)

30 -- Say a number from one to a hundred. -- 14

31 -- Blondes or Brunettes? -- For what? I dig brunettes but I hear blonds can be fun too.

32 -- Favorite quote? -- "Teach your child to live, rather than to avoid death; live is not breath, but action." -- Rousseau

33 -- Favorite place? -- The lake where I grew up. Incidentally, where I got married as well.

34 -- Have you been out of your home country? -- Oh hell yes. Mexico, Canada, England, France, Germany (East and West when there still was an "East"), Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, Italy, Bahamas. Seriously want to go to South and Central America and most definitely Asia.

35 -- Weaknesses? -- Holy shit. Of course I have weaknesses. But I usually think that my greatest weaknesses are my greatest strengths gone too far. For example, I'm very direct; unchecked, I can be quite thoughtless or mean. I'm very adventurous; unchecked, I can be reckless.

36 -- (Again, it appears a question is missing.)

37 -- First job? -- When I was 15 I taught swimming, was a life guard, and was a piano player at our local theatre. I'm not sure which came first. And I've never been without a job when I wanted one for more than a day since. But when I was a smaller kid, starting around age 12 or so, I used to pick blackberries to sell. I made a wad of money though I have to say, paying for the bandaids from dealing with the thorns cut in to my profit margin.

38 -- Ever done a prank call? -- Nope.

39 -- Do you think everyone has a soul mate? -- In fact, I think we all have many.

40 -- What were you doing before you did Stealing? -- Dealing with a crazy family member.

41 -- Have you ever had surgery? -- 1976 - Appendix, 1996 - vocal nodes, 2006 - gall bladder.

42 -- What do you get complimented the most about? -- In general, my house, second, my dinner parties; from the ladies, Vince.

43 -- Have you ever had braces? -- Have you seen my smile on HNT? Hell yes. Sixth through ninth grade baby. Full rhinoceros plates. If you know that term, then you are OLD.

44 -- What do you want for your birthday? -- My birthday is in December. I haven't a clue at this point.

45 -- How many kids do you want and what do you want there names to be? -- Next.

46 -- Were you named after anyone? -- HAHAHAHAHA! If you know my real name, you'd know the answer to that! The short answer is "no."

47 -- What is the biggest turn off of the sex(es) you're attracted to? -- #1-Rudeness. Especially to people who can do you no harm like servers or ticket takers. Good Lord do I hate that particular type of asshole. #2- Negativity, as in someone who always looks for the downside to every fucking thing. Drives. Me. Nuts.

48 -- What is the one thing you like about high school? -- Band.

49 -- What kind of shampoo do you use? -- Pantene or Suave. Whatever is ultra-moisturizing.

50 -- Do you like your handwriting? -- I can't READ my handwriting. So know, I'd say I don't like it.

51 -- What is your favorite lunch meat? -- Roast beef.

52 -- Any bad habits? -- Oh, my. Several. But do we really need to bring that up?

53 -- Are you a jealous person? -- Not at all.

54 -- If you were another person, would you be friends with you? -- Poorly phrased question. I'd say, if I were another person, would I be friends with that person? Answer -- It depends on whether or not I was an ass.

55 -- Do you agree with friends with benefits? -- Absolutely. In fact, I think it's one of the most interesting things two people can do together. We are talking about "sex" benefits right? Not health care or comp time?

56 -- Do looks matter? -- Yes in that the "other" person's looks have to fall within an acceptable range to you. Do my looks matter to me? Abso-fuckin'-lutely. They matter to me a lot! And I think looks in general matter in the world but not like model good looks. I mean, do you dress and groom yourself like you care? Do you make an effort to be attractive as in you're the best YOU you can be? Are your clothes clean, do you stand up straight? Do you look people in the eye? Do you smile? Fuck yes, those things matter.

57 -- How do you release anger? -- I work out. I used to take karate and that was awesome (damn joint pain!). Hitting things/people was a great anger release valve.

58 -- Would you rather gain 58 pounds or lose 58 pounds? -- LOSE! Actually, I only need to lose 25 pounds to be smack in the middle of my "normal" range.

59 -- What's your main goal in life? -- To experience everything I can. To die knowing that I experienced as much of this life as I could.

60 -- What was your favorite toy as a child? -- This is pathetic, but we really didn't have "toys." (I just stopped typing for like, five minutes trying to think of something.) Shit. We didn't have toys.

61 -- How many number are in your cell phone? -- More than I fuckin' need, I'll tell you that.

62 -- Were you a fan of Barney as a little kid? -- Wow. You are sooooo far out of my time frame.

63 -- Do you use sarcasm? -- No, not really. I use hyperbole but I'm not sarcastic.

64 -- Mashed potatoes or macaroni and cheese? -- Both! But only when I cook them from scratch. I'm not a fan of the "boxed" version of either.

65 -- What do you look for in a lover? -- Make me laugh, baby.

66 -- What are your nicknames? -- I'm so not going there!

67 -- Favorite super power? -- Read minds.

68 -- What's your favorite TV show? -- "The Closer" is my top choice. After that, (face in palm) America's Funniest Videos. Nothing makes me laugh harder than someone, who's being completely earnest, getting hit in the head and falling down. Ask Vince.

69 -- What's the best way to deal with people that you don't like? -- It depends. If I don't have to deal with them, then it's best to avoid them. If it's someone I have to deal with for work or family reasons, then for my own sanity it's best for me to be direct. Though generally, the one thing that will make me dislike someone is rudeness. In that case, I call people on it immediately.

70 -- What's your favorite ice cream flavor? -- Chocolate. If you make it a malt them I'm in heaven. Add some chocolate sprinkles then I'll totally blow you. Seriously.

71 -- Do you have all of your finger and toes? -- Yes.

72 -- So is it going to be the Steelers or the Packers? -- Since I wrote this after the Superbowl, I have to say "Packers."

73 -- Plans for tonight? -- Nope. Husband is out and I'm just hanging out.

74 -- Where do you want to live when you retire? -- Costa Rica.

75 -- Do you want everyone to answer these questions? -- No. I don't give a rat's ass about "everyone."

76 -- What are you listening to? -- Night sounds. The window is open.

77 -- Last thing you drank? -- Currently nursing a nice Cabernet.

78 -- Last person you talked to on the phone? -- My brother.

79 -- The first thing you notice in the sex(es) you're attracted to? -- (Before I answer that, I have to say adding "es" get annoying, though I guess it is necessary.) Smile.

80 -- What do you like to do in your spare time? -- Read. I read A LOT.

81 -- Favorite thing to hate? -- I dunno. Hate is a mighty strong term. Though if I give it some thought I'd have to say bullies. I hate bullies with the white hot passion of a thousand suns.

82 -- Favorite season of the year? -- It's a toss-up: Fall and Christmas.

83 -- What's your favorite type of candy? -- Kisses with Almonds.

84 -- Have you ever really and truly had a best friend? -- Yes. The hokey answer is Vince, though he is so much more. But I also have, and have had, several people who I would definitely call truly "best friends." They are miracles.

85 -- What is your hair color? -- Dark brown. (With all the fuckin' grey covered!)

86 -- What is your eye color? -- Dark brown.

87 --Shoe size? -- 9.

88 -- Favorite fast food place? -- Five Guys Hamburgers. I swear, if I'm going to have a burger and fries, it's going to be from this place. Awesome!!

89 -- Favorite restaurant? -- Vince and I tend to eat at Mom and Pop type places. I have several in my area and yes, they are all favorites.

90 -- Do you like sushi? -- No. I don't eat fish of any sort.

91 -- Watch TV Today? -- Yes, on my never ending quest for real news. I was disappointed in US journalism once again. Sigh.

92 -- Favorite day of the year? -- I don't really have a "favorite" day as in a "date." My favorite day involves sunshine, Vince, a motorcycle, and some really cool place to go.

93 -- Play any musical instruments? -- Piano, flute, a little guitar.

94 -- Political party? -- Independent. I lean conservative on money matters and liberal on social issues.

95 -- Kisses or hugs? -- Depends. From some people I want kisses, from others, hugs.

96 -- Relationships or one night stands? -- To be honest, I like both and that one's hard to answer. My primary relationship is with Vince; he's who I want to travel the long road with. But I don't want to miss opportunities for connection and some of those connections only have a one night shelf life. But for the most part, if you're referring to sex (and I think you are) I only want to have sex with people who I have at least a friendly relationship with. Make sense?

97 -- What was the last thing you bought? -- Half and Half at the local convenience store. We were out.

98 -- Would you ever be a house spouse? -- I'm stumped here. We both work from home so technically, we both are "house spouses." But do you mean, sit at home not earning money while the other earns it all? That doesn't sound like me but only because I like to "do" things and I expect to be paid for what I do.

99 -- What book are you reading? -- Currently, I'm reading "American Rose: The life and times of Gypsy Rose Lee." However, that's not my normal genre. My next book coming from the library is "The Sentry" by Robert Crais.

100 -- Describe your love life. -- My love life with Vince is inspiring! My sex life is expanding. My love of all life is growing beyond my wildest imagination. In the end, it's all about love baby. And that, my friends, is my life.


  1. This was fun to read! You are taller than I imagined you :)

  2. I love AFV as well. It always mak me laugh. And I have the Gypsy Rose Lee book on my Kindle wishlist. We're totally twins.