Saturday, February 19, 2011

50-365 Somewhere in America

Thanks for hanging in with me on Project365. I realize that I need to expand my subject matter but for today's shot you get yet another view of the bike trail. Sigh.
As I mentioned a few posts ago, I'm adding a series I'm going to call "Somewhere in America." We travel quite a bit and looking through my archives, I do have a few pretty cool shots in some pretty interesting places. All of the photos I'll use were taken by me and over the past few years. I'll let you know what it's a photo of, and possibly why I thought it was interesting, though I'm not going to tell you the exact locations. If you guess, I'll fess up.

This is a shot of an abandoned homestead. All over the country there are dilapidated ruins of someones' former homes disintegrating into dust. I'm fascinated by this. Someone chose the location, procured the materials, then built the structure. They then lived, worked, loved, fucked, fought, laughed and cried here. And then they, or their descendants, left.
My first shot in the Somewhere in America series was in this post and a totally different situation. In the above photo, one assumes the owner/builder wanted to be there; in the previous picture from a few weeks ago, the person who had that home built and the person who lived in it were definitely NOT the same person. In this one, the fact that it was abandoned and falling into ruin makes me feel sad. In the other, knowing the story, I feel happy and satisfied.  

Have a great weekend, folks! Vince and I spent last night with some old friends, will spend today working in the yard, and tomorrow is a trip to the theatre. We're taking the in-laws and the show stars a good friend of ours. And of course, there will be a little sexy thrown in. ;)

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  1. Particularly across upstate NY and parts of PA, I've noticed old abandoned barns or farmhouses and wondered, just what happened here.

    How that I think of it, there is a place or two around on my daily commute, I might have to take the time to photograph them.

    Have a great weekend!