Sunday, February 13, 2011

44-365 Kicking back... and guess who the f*#k shows up?

Just in case you were thinking life on Ivey Lane is nuthin' but sexy art parties, belly dancers, and night clubs, I'll have you know I DO kick back every once in while. Okay, more often than I care to think about. And what does the uber-sexy and sultry Ivey Lane lounge about in? Lacy lingerie? Armani or Yves St. Laurent? Um, no.

Baggy sweat pants, mismatched socks, and bang-around old Sketcher shoes.Rather than join Vince at his gig last night I decided to just hang out at the house, read a book, and sip a little solo Chardonnay. And guess what? One of the couples we've written off showed up at the club. A&J from this post. Seriously. Vince looks down from the stage and there's "A", waving and smiling. After the set they say hello, she asks where I was, at some point she sent me a text.


Damn fuckin' shame, too. Vince really liked this gal and I thought her husband was charming. Why do we seem to be flake magnets? Or is it us? I find maybe one in ten guys attractive; Vince, one in a hundred women. Should we just embrace the fact that we're snobbish? The above photo not-with-standing, we're not bad to look at; we're funny, witty, have all our own teeth. I hate to think I really AM destined for the mundane life but holy-mother-of-gawd this seems to be a lot simpler for other people.

What-the-fuck-ever. I'm whining. Really. It's been a great couple of days. I've got my sexy back, Vince and I've been having a ball; work is good, friends are great. It's all good. Except.... fuck!

I was on my own again today and decided to take myself shopping. A little retail therapy does a body good! Even if it was just bras and underwear. Matching sets, of course! :)


  1. Hey, they showed up, she was happy to see Vince, why not take that as a good sign? Seems to me like the door has been opened to follow up with them and see if you can arrange a get-together, should you still be interested in them.

    Nothing wrong with retail therapy, especially if it involved new bras and underwear AND we get to see someday :-)

  2. Retail therapy rocks, and I agree with Hubman, take it as a sign

  3. I stopped by for a visit. I don't know if you want to update or not but my Barefoot Dreaming blog has switched URL's to Chapter Two