Thursday, February 24, 2011

HNT -- Swing (and 55-365)

Happy HNT all! Don't forget to check out the rest of the nekkid-ness at Osbasso's!

Last night instead of taking pictures, we decided to checkout the new show on the Playboy Channel -- "Swing." We don't subscribe to the channel, but the first episode is available on-line.
 Overall, the show wasn't bad and the things that were, were predictable.

A) It's the Playboy Channel. OF COURSE the show is going to be pretty male centric. The break-the-ice game was the wives picking up cherries from a bowl on the ground with their mouths then running to their husbands who were sitting in chairs and dropping them in another bowl in the guy's lap. There was no conversation at all about any hesitation on his part other than asking if he thinks he might get jealous to see some other guy bang his wife.

B) It's the Playboy Channel. OF COURSE the two gals at the center of attention are going to hawt, THIN, and all in to the girl-girl action. On the upside, the rest of the cast did have a least a little physical variety, though not much in terms of race or age.

C) It's the Playboy Channel. OF COURSE the lead gal (in this episode at least) doesn't need to be articulate ("I mean, that was like, oh wow! I'm like soooooo ready for this, um, ya know, like experience!) The guy didn't either, but he did need to be ready to get it on. And he was.

But the fucking looked fun and better than the standard porn fare -- no wacky mewling sounds or odd facials. The conversations had potential to be interesting and enlightening but in the chosen format they really didn't get into anything of any depth. Mostly the experienced couples saying "Yeah, this is great; she/I was nervous at first but couldn't wait to get it on again after we tried it." The new couple saying "Yeah, I'm nervous but this is exciting; I/we can't wait to take our relationship to the next level."

On a side note, one of the up-coming couples is someone Vince and I had a date with. And yes, they are both hawt. Of course, after our date where we all appeared to have a great time, we sent a "thanks for a great evening note" and didn't hear back from them, at all, for months, leaving us baffled. They eventually sent us a note saying that they'd been busy shooting their Swing episode, they'd had a good time with us and would be happy to hang out again, but just so you know they "didn't feel any sexual chemistry." The last part, no problem. The four month delay? Yeah, gets under my skin.

Anyway, the teaser for their episode is up on the Playboy Channel website titled Kimberly and Michael. Check it out. Oh, and let me know if anything strikes you as odd.

And since I don't want to get behind here's Wednesday's project 365 photo. It's a little restaurant with the best damn high-end barbeque around. Didn't know there was such a thing, did you? Anyhow, the food was great, the atmosphere was suitably hip and trendy. And it was a delightful way to spend time with my honey!
Catch y'all later!


  1. I've heard of that show but never watched it. I was LOL @ your description of it. ;)

  2. When we were swinging we had three or four house parties a year. Also several of our playmates hosted house parties. So over the 20 or so years we played we attended many, many parties. I have to say this one did not look anything like a party we attended.

    Our group was not into game playing. A typical party: Guest (generally six or eight couples)arrived late afternoon and we had the cocktail hour much the same as any cocktail party. The exception being the women dressed a little more revealing and suggestive. Dinner (pot luck) around seven and afterward couples began to drift off to the bedrooms.
    As couples were finished they would assemble again in a common room and conversation again was much the same as any gathering. After a rest people would again drift off. This time more than than likely they drifted off in threes and fours. We were fortunate to have a room that could devoted to group play.
    Although the women in the video were attractive, the men would have a hard time attracting the attention of the women in our group.

  3. There's a Playboy channel?
    Maybe we should look into cable...

  4. Hubman and I will have to watch that. And as for the other couple, the heck with them.

  5. I didn't pick up on it, what struck you as odd?

    The house parties we've been too, in contrast to Southern Swingers experience, always included some games, which were actually pretty fun and good ice-breakers, especially for any newbies in attendance.