Saturday, February 26, 2011

57-365 The waxy lady (and 54-365 Oops, I missed one!)

Things had been getting out of hand down below recently. (WARNING: Gentlemen, this may be TMI. Continue reading at your own risk.) I hadn't been to the waxy place in months, dealing with the issue with razors and slathers of Bikini Zone cream. (Shudder.)

I used to have a good aesthetician. Her rate was a scandal  -- $58 + tip for a deep bikini wax! -- (Gents, for those of you still reading that's taking off everything front to back but leaving something like a stripe or a soul patch around the goodies), her place was in another town, but the results were good and the pain was bearable. Then she left the salon and I decided to give the "new girl" a try. Holy-fuckin'-mother-of-gawd was that a mistake. I have never, ever, never in my life had someone stop what they were doing in the middle of a procedure, ANY procedure -- and I've had root planing and scaling at the freakin' dentists office! -- because I couldn't take the pain. But young chicky-poo at the salon almost killed me. Ladies, have you ever had someone inexperienced and TIMID attempt to rip your short hairs out? Well my sisters, let me point you down a better path; run, don't walk out of the door. I now insists my waxy lady to be AT LEAST 45 years old with AT LEAST 20 years experience. That's all I'm sayin'.

So I'm in search of a new salon. Spring is upon us and I enjoy frequenting my local nude resort. I cannot go looking like I'm either diseased (razor bumps and burn) or un-evolved. Some of you may have noticed I'm a brunette with thin, pale, and translucent Scottish skin. Shaving just don't cut it. And I don't want to spend the money on laser. And I can't even fathom attempting to "self-wax." WTF.

Just when I was about to despair, guess what? A new place opened five blocks from my house. I called. I questioned. I screened. And I decided to give the place a try.
What a delightful surprise! First, the place was awesome! Small but "spa-like" with all of the wonderful scents, and colors, and organic whats-its all over the place. The aesthetician was terrific! She used a hard wax technique and it was the least pain I've ever experienced. She also told me their story: she and her partner both lost their jobs at local resort salons. After more than a year of trying to find new ones, they eventually decided to open their own place. And the tourists' loss is my gain!

Oh, and the rate? $30 + tip for a deep bikini including the back! I know, right?! Now I just have to help these ladies build their business so they STAY in business! Referrals will abound.

On another quick note, I realized that I'd gotten my Proj365 numbers screwed up and missed Tuesday. This is 54-365. As you can see, the shot wasn't exactly memorable but never-the-less, here it is.

Fresh veggies! These babies were on their way to the oven to be roasted, then served with Italian turkey sausage and pasta in a lemony picatta-type sauce. One of the great things about not knowing how to really cook Italian food is that I make things up all the time.
It was delicious!

PS -- And the squirrels chewed their way back into the carport attic. We're now assuming there are babies in there but we can't quite tell. So the score is Squirrels -- 2, Vince -- 0.


  1. Have a good aesthetician is very important! Or so Veronica tells me, I just use a razor for my manscaping needs :-)

  2. I'm cringing at the waxing, but glad you found someone good (and affordable).

  3. You can never underestimate a good waxer. Also, most italian cooking is improvisational. To quote my mom, "Recipies (sniff) are for people who DON'T know how to cook"