Tuesday, February 22, 2011

53-365 I needed a little springtime

I know some folks may be a little irked with my current flower obsession but people, I freakin' needed some springtime! Sure, sure... lots of you have it lots worse and all I can say is we've got plenty of houses for sale in good ol' sunny Florida but giddiness in Spring is usually wilted by the time 98 degree Summer rolls around.

Anywhoo, the following shots are straight from the iPhone, no tweaking at all. First, Azaleas in my yard. 
 Second, from along the bike trail a wild flowering tree with very delicate white flowers. There was no specific scent, but at this time of year my area takes on a Spring-like smell, before the heady orange blossoms show up next month or so, there's a light smell of general "flowers" in the air.
 This is a Crepe Myrtle. In February it should always be cut back in order for it to come out with some wild and showy flowers. I'll take another shot of this tree when it's in full bloom in a few weeks.
But I have needed some Springtime people. First, I can't stand to be cold and for a delicate Southern Flower like m'self, anything below 60 is cold. Second, I NEED to be outside, in the fresh air, in the open. I hate being cooped up, always have, always will. Third, the sounds of the birds are amazing right now. At this moment I have the windows wide open and the trees outside my office are full of birds making every kind of noise. The squirrels are frisky too. It rejuvenation!

I'll take a photo of the Peltafloram tree outside of my office at some point. It's deciduous and right now the old seed pods are still clinging to the tips. The new growth is poised to push them to the ground over the next few weeks and the view outside my window will radically change. Yippeeee!

And I know, some of you will have the most awesome photos of Spring in Carolina's, New England, the Mid-West, North West and California pretty soon. And I'm excited for you and sorry you have to wait so long. But personally, Spring is showing up right on time around here. And I'm as happy as I can be!

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