Monday, February 14, 2011

45-365 Dragons

From previously posted images, you probably already know that I like to see images and faces in things. In fact, I'm one of those people who can be entertained for hours watching clouds change shape. It's not that I'm dreamy, it's that I see patterns. Sometimes they just seem to leap out and make me laugh. Other times, I'll look at something I've seen every day and suddenly the image just materializes. Maybe that's why I dig the collage artwork from Nude Nite so much and not such a fan of abstract imagry where there isn't supposed to be anything "there" there.

Anywhoo, this was actually something pointed out by Vince as we were hanging out in his studio last night. He also sees images and shapes and yes, we have been known to enjoy watching clouds every once in a while.

The photo above it the most obvious but the one below reminds of an old time, black and white film like "Nosferatu" or "Phantom of the Opera." Can't you just hear the spooky organ music playing in the background?
I'm took these pics and Vince was having an on-line chat with another apparently flaky swinger-site husband. The details aren't important but let's just say this one, with the "oh heck yeah my wife is TOTALLY hawt and into this" but somehow she can't answer an email or have a chat or doesn't have a freakin' phone is just workin' my last nerve. Whatever, dude. Look, YOU contacted US.
But enough of that! This wonderful Valentine's day morning, Vince brightened my mood with perfect gift! I'll show you what it is tomorrow. ;) I'll just say that he knows his little sex-nerd wife VERY well.

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