Wednesday, February 9, 2011

39&40/365 Grey days

It's been grey and raining here for over a week (yuck) and I think that's been contributing to my grey mood. I know, I know. "Ivey, quit whining about a little overcast skies while you're out riding your bike in shorts in January, you bee-atch. You don't know what grey IS!" And you're right. Compared to the type of winter most of you folks are having, I've decided that I need a big ol' dose of STFU.

So Monday I took this pic and reminded myself how pretty and peaceful it can be when that mist hangs in the air, the trail is empty because lots of people are concerned about rain, and the temperature is about 60 degrees.
But that's not the only grey that's bee lingering around. Ladies, it was time to get my luscious locks whipped back into shape, too. I usually do my own color at home -- primarily because I'm a Scot and have a deep, genetic aversion to spending money frivolously -- but lately my tresses have been less than luxurious and getting a little damaged so I decided to spend the cash and have a pro handle the situation. Here I am, half way through a hundred and thirty freakin' bucks.

BTW -- This is my "natural" color. I told the gal I didn't want to see any difference between my roots and the rest of my hair this time. And I'm thinking that for HNT, I'll show you how it turned out!
Also BTW -- the weather here has returned to sunny and seventies! Those of you in the frigid North should really consider jumping on a plane for a couple of days. I promise, it will lift your spirits!


  1. Weather definitely impacts mood, as does a trip to the salon! Glad you found something to counteract the grey : )

  2. I don't care where you live or who you are or how cold or warm it is....the sun shining makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE!


  3. Your thoughts in italics? You read my mind ;-)