Friday, February 25, 2011

56-365 Squirrels - 1, Vince - 0

So it appears we have squirrels in the attic of our carport.


This won't do. Vince discovered it last week and sure enough, the little buggers found a tiny hole in the eaves and have set up house-keeping. And we're not squirrel killers. Hell, I'm not even a squirrel terrorist. So trying to figure out how to get the fluffy-tailed rats out of the attic is becoming quite the challenge.

As of yesterday, Vince was tossing out ideas and I was shooting them down one after the other. Some of them (the ones that involved smoke or firecrackers) I just thought we'd have a hard time explaining to the insurance adjuster. Others ("Hey Ivey, what if we put a cat up there! The cat could run the squirrels out and then we could just get the cat!") I thought the ASPCA would frown upon. And what if the cat actually caught one? Oh, the carnage. Besides, I don't know anyone who'd let us borrow their precious pet to pop into our attic for a few hours.  Desperation seemed to be setting in.

Then we remembered we had these.
My mother-in-law gave them to us last fall when the squirrels were eating our Drake Elm. We tossed a couple of these babies into the attic and this morning, Vince reports no sounds or other activity. Could it be success? We don't know yet, but I think it's better than bringing out the heavy artillary.

We'll keep you posted......


  1. I feel your pain... we've had our share of critter battles as well! Mice, chipmunks, possoms, groundhogs, raccoons - you'd think we live in the country rather than an urban area! Good luck with the squirrels; while we have tons of them jumping between trees, thankfully we haven't had to deal with any inside.

  2. Thankfully we've never had to worry about that. I'll cross my fingers for you. :)