Thursday, February 3, 2011

34-365 Man cave (and sorta HNT)

Your humble corespondent spent yesterday with a client so I was away all day. I got home right before "man time."
Vincent's man-cave is a musical wonderland of wires, gear, guitars, microphones, computers, recording equipment, even a manly black leather couch-y thing. And last night it also included an extra man! hehe

Unfortunately we didn't get an HNT pulled together so you'll have to make do with yesterday's post if you missed it OR, if you're in to men's legs (like I am) then you can enjoy this shot. Personally, I'm a huge leg fan (Hubman, Figleaf, and 13Messages just kill me with those legs! Da-umn, fellas!) My favorite set is above on the right, but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy a wide variety. All you men bloggers out there, show off a little calf and thigh for a girl. And let me know, if you do.

Anywhoo, I was pretty much all bidness yesterday so I don't have much to add. Some days are just kind of like that.