Friday, March 4, 2011

62&63-365 Catching up (sewing, public sex, and a quirky day off)

Catching up on my Proj365 photos this morning! On Tuesday, I put the fabric I purchased on Monday to good use. I made a new seat for a beach chair and the slings for our beach umbrella's to attach to our motorcycle, along with our attachable luggage bag, to see if we can take longer trips around Florida. We tested it out the next day.
 That was going to be my only Tuesday shot until public sex caught us by surprise. Okay, so it wasn't me and Vince. (The title had you hoping, didn't it? Yeah, me too.) We were sitting outside having afternoon coffee when I heard a ruckus in the bushes, then saw a black flash race under our deck. I knew it was one of our snakes. (BTW -- Neither of us are the types to freak out over snakes and we actually like having these guys around. They're SUPPOSED to keep the rodent population under control, though it appears they've been falling down on the job lately.) A few minutes later we realized it was TWO snakes having a throw down in the yard when they came writhing and wrapped together out from under the deck.

Look at 'em. Shameless.
 They hung out for about 5 minutes like that, en flagrante delecto, before racing off to find a more private spot for round two, or three or four; I really couldn't say but they seemed to have serious staying power.

On Thursday, we decided to take the day off. We worked a few hours in the morning then lit out for the West Coast. On the way, there is a fantastic little restaurant we like. This place is odd-ball but the food is fantastic. It's hard to tell in this photo but the seating is actually in the middle of a wacky shop that sells everything from shoes to the lighted stars you see hanging from the ceiling.
 The waitresses (there are no men) all dress in old-fashioned nurses uniforms and I think they range in age from 50 - 80. The photo below is the menu; they carry chalk boards from table to table and set them next to you. And don't dawdle, if they need it for a new table you're out of luck.
 As I said, the food is great! And there was also a bridge club playing at several of the tables around us. I guess the old ladies can dawdle as long as they like.

But we weren't at our destination so we took off again and kept heading west. One of the things you should know about Florida is that the West Coast isn't all beaches, in fact sometimes it can be pretty darn hard to find one. We'd picked a place off Google maps before we left -- Rees Park in Port Richey. We'd never heard of it and let me tell you something, NO ONE could find this place by accident.

But what a cool little surprise it was.
 We hung out for a few hours -- laying around, napping, reading -- generally enjoying life. Before we left, I got this shot of the sun starting to set.
It was a lovely day -- a two hour motorcycle ride back home and we stopped for supper as well, mostly because my tush needed a break. Ours is a great bike for short rides but we confirmed that for anything longer than one-hour hops we need to consider upgrading to a touring bike, like a Honda Goldwing or a Yamaha Venture.  Maybe another day.


  1. My life is complete, I've seen a photo of snake sex!

    When I had my bike, 45-60 was all I could take before I had to stop, I couldn't imagine a 2 hr ride on that thing.

  2. That is some very nice snake porn.

    The restaurant you describe sounds like my kinda place.
    I love weird and wacky places like that.
    Sounds like a great time.

  3. What a wacky restaurant. Sounds pretty cool though.