Tuesday, March 8, 2011

67-365 Geek store or Freak store?

Yesterday Vince and I had to run an errend to one of our favorite places. This little out of the way store you see below is a tinkerer's paradise. You name it? You need it? They've got it. Need a single male cable connector? No problem. A 1/2 watt resistor? Bin # 365. A two horsepower rotor motor? Top shelf, ask for assistance. Camo canvas? How many yards to you need? A plastic pizza cutter? Aisle three. No kidding.
They also have every size and shape screw, clamp, carabiner, cable, switch, whatever you can imagine and if all you need is one, that's all you have to buy. 
The place was, as expected, full of regular looking guys (and the sexy Vince!) and more surprisingly, lots of very attractive ladies. (inclulding your truly. hehe.) Now I'm not saying that everyone in the store was secretly building a suspension rig for their bedrooms or designing a seruptitious survelience system for the neighbors comings and goings but if that's what you want to do, then this is where you need to go.
We selected our items then made our way  over to another of our favorite stores -- our local adult store. If the previous place was for the do-it-yourself-er, then this one is a ready-to-wear dream! Just choose your tool and head over to the checkout counter! 
However, when it comes to durabilty and price-to-value ratio, I think if you want a job done right then you've got to do it yourself.

Except for these little beauties. This store separates its standard run-of-the-mill dildos, plugs, etc. from what it calls the Rolls Royce selection. Oooohhhhhh don't they look lovely?! And they have a huge wall of these babies! Squeeeee!
 We made it back home and after a tasty dinner had fantastic, sexy, fuck me kind of evening! We started out with a little porn; very little since I'm still trying to find something that doesn't make me giggle for the wrong reasons. Understandably, I prefer groups and couples. If it's just two-on-two, I'm like, yeah, I got it, crappy camera angle, damn there's no way she can hold that position, dude that makes your dick look ridiculous and you're going to throw your back out eventually.

But the amateur or swinger stuff generally involves the things I really dig. First and foremost, you can generally hear and see some genuine laughter and smiling. I like my fucking to be fun, damnit. Mewly, whiny, grunty, "oh-yeah-fuck-that-pussy-baby" "oh-god-suck-that-cock" crap annoys me. Second, I'm all about combinations -- MFMF, FMF, FFM, MMF, MFM, you name it, I love it!

So we enjoyed our day AND our evening. Not bad for a Monday!

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