Sunday, March 13, 2011

About last night....

 Let me just cut to the chase. Last night, Vince and I took the "full swap" step. You read that right, dear readers. For the first time in more than 16 years, my beloved husband had full on PIV sex, to completion (hehe), with a woman who isn't his wife. And his wife watched. And his wife enjoyed it! Once again, I say...


Let me back up a tad. Some of you, if you've been reading this blog from the beginning, may remember Rick and Leah. (I wrote about them in my first two posts, if you want to go catch up.) They are the first swinger couple Vince and I ever met, almost two years ago. At the time let's just say we weren't ready. No, really. I mean NOT ready.

But time moved on, we stayed in touch via Facebook, and in October of 2010, after we'd worked through most of our drama, had a couple of "first" experiences, got some of our crazy out of the way, we met them again for the first date we should have had two years ago. The one that would have been wonderful in 2009 if we/I hadn't done everything wrong on the front end.

And it was a great date. Vince was finally able to see Leah, beyond looking at Rick and thinking "You want to do WHAT with my wife?" I was able to enjoy and facilitate the group dynamic, not just my own wants. We left that night knowing that it would be 2011 before we got a chance to see them again.

In the intervening time, we had a couple of swinger-type folks to our house for dinner, one of whom was the delightful Hubman along with another couple of newbie friends, and we discovered how delightful and relaxed it can be having people in your home, where you can talk freely and laugh loudly. We also hosted, during that time, our out-of-town friends with benefits, and found that sexy playtime in your own bed after enjoying a fun day together can be icing on top of an awesome cake of yumminess.

 So yesterday, almost two years after we first met them, Rick and Leah came to our house, we took a nice leisurely ride on the local bike trail, came back home for a delicious dinner, then went upstairs for some not-so-serious fucking and sucking. ;)

Laughter, giggles, groans, moans, gasps, smacks, licks, tickles, suckles. In the Lane swinger household, we operate under the banner that whatever Vince wants, whatever he's comfortable with, is what he gets. And after Leah and I had spend a little time enjoying each other, and after we'd invited the gents to join us on the bed, and after he'd also been able to discover her awesome kissing technique while I was discovering a new cock, Vince double checks with Leah and Rick to make sure it's okay, and with their happy approval, gloves' up and, shall we say, enjoys Leah completely.

And there wasn't and isn't an ounce of awkwardness nor jealousy nor regret; in fact, it's the opposite -- ease, closeness, and enjoyment. It was a great evening. 

About an hour or so later, as the four of us we're laying around breathing and chuckling, Vince and I realize that we've just stepped over another hurdle and through a new door. Successfully and in our own way. We're actually meeting another couple this evening for a first date, you know, just to get to know them and see if all like each other. But in the case of Rick and Leah, we already know all of that. We'll see them again, maybe to play around in the swinger sense or maybe to just play around in the friendly sense. And it was well worth the wait.

Oh, and kissing Rick was just as hot and sexy as it was the first time in 2009. And kissing Leah? Well, I'll just let Vince tell you about that... if he wants to. But just between us, he isn't a kiss 'n tell kind of guy.


  1. Congratulations!!! Sounds like you are off to the races

  2. Congratulations! We are so proud of you! I am so glad everyone had fun.

  3. Welcome to the club! Next time I see you I'll show you the secret handshake ;-)