Thursday, March 31, 2011

88 thru 91-365 Random

Today is about nothing more than not getting behind. The week has been great, tonight is going to be dandy, the weekend is shaping up to be a fine time too. But I'm on a deadline this week folks. And deadlines come first.

This is "the monster." It's a bougainvillea. They get HUGE. They also have thorns an inch or more long. The luv abuse. The less water, the less attention, the harsher the cutting back, the bigger, better, and badder they get. I planted this guy when he was just a pup, barely a foot tall; now he's as tall as my house.
Tuesday evening, I met a girlfriend for a glass of vino. When I got home I realized I hadn't taken a picture so here it is, a little black and white bling.
Our first real thunderstorms started rolling through yesterday so I took another shot out of my front door. This was after one of the first storm cells came through. But it rained like a mo-fo all night. The thunder and lightening was A-MAZ-ZING! at around 4:00 am, I swear it felt like one bolt came through our window. K-BOOM!!
And this is one of the predictable results. Ahhhhh, the joy of old home ownership. Whenever we have the first major rain storm of the season, we wander around the house to see what old spots and new spots have sprung a leak. This is an old spot under one of the front windows. The caulking and plaster shift, dry, and pull during the dry winter and early spring, then when the rain hits it's like someone pours a bucket of water on the floor. Don't let this little trickle fool you. It can flood the room. So we pack it with towels until it quits raining for a day or two and we can get out there and patch the place up again.

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