Wednesday, March 16, 2011

71-,72-,74-,75-365 Catching up

Getting ready to head to the airport but wanted to catch up on Proj365 first. Got a little behind with all the comings and goings. hehe.

Friday 71-365. My pre-weekend soak. I do luv me some tub time! I needed it before our long and fun-filled weekend. Wheee!
 Saturday 72-365 -- Funny Face -- This is a Staghorn Fern. It's a massive plant (about 5 feet across) and it doesn't grow in the ground. It's an air plant and if you look at the lower left side, you can see part of the chain that suspends it from one of our oak trees. Anywhoo, the damn squirrels (who may have abandoned the attic or may simply be regrouping for the next assault) have chewed holes in this one too. But it does look like a face, doesn't it?
Sunday 73-365 This was the flamenco dancers from Monday's post.

Monday 74-365 I do love curves! These beauties are hanging at the local music store, just waiting for the right guy or gal to take them to their new home. One of them is a guitar that Vince has placed on consignment. It's not like he'll miss it. He has about 20 more.
 Tuesday 75-365 Our bike ride was hampered a bit by several broken spokes on Vincent's bike. We have no idea how that happened but limped back to the bike shop and now it's fixed up and good as new! (um, with a little road dirt here and there.)
We're off for our next adventure! I'm planning to keep up on Proj365 and have no idea if there will be more to report.

See ya!

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