Friday, March 11, 2011

69&70-365 and late HNT

A quick Proj365 update and a bonus HNT!

First, the weather here is still fantastic! Or at least it was on Tuesday. On this tree the new bright green leaves are pushing the spent flowers out of the way, continuing the spring transition.
We had to take a short trek to work with a client this week. Our hotel wasn't up to our usual standards (ha!) but this is pretty much what it looked like afte our morning wake-up sex session. As a rule, when I'm about to go spend a day in intense mental wrangling, I really need a good session to take the edge off. NO ONE wants me to deal with client's if I'm in a nookie-deficit zone. (shudder!)
So here I am, the freshly laid lass. Haven't even brushed my hair yet.  
Happy belated HNT, everyone!


  1. How close to you was the storm that kicked ass at the Doral Golf tournament?

  2. We drove through part of it as it crossed northern Florida. But two guys from our team were stuck in Atlanta Hartsfield for several hours. Talk about the ninth circle of hell. LOL

  3. You're always so beautiful to see. Nice work on that hotel bed.

  4. Love the hotel pic....the graininess in it makes it seem so...naughty and torrid!

  5. "A nookie-deficit zone"- I love that phrase!

    Nice to see you :-)