Monday, March 21, 2011

80&81-365 The mountains

After a couple of days hard at work and a couple hard at play we decided to slow it down a spell for Sunday. As I'm sure you can tell, we've been in the mountains, so we decided to take a drive and found a cool visitor center for another of our Nation's awesome National Parks. 

Of course, the above photo also shows one of the technical challenges I have. I pretty much take and edit all of my photos on my iPhone. Unfortunately, the pictures don't always look the same when I transfer them to my computer to upload here. In this case, I'd added a little color saturation because I wanted the marvelous wood ceiling to stand out a bit more but this isn't exactly what I had in mind. Anyway, on my phone it looks just lovely!

The bear was also at the visitor center and for this one I played around a bit with the "sketch" setting. I thought it turned out pretty cool on the phone even though here I don't think it looks like a sketch at all.

And this was from today..... sigh. Dogwoods. In full bloom. The soft breeze gently knocking the tiny petals to the ground where they look like a blanket of flowers. What you can't see from the photo is that this stand of trees was literally buzzing with thousands of bees; the air practically vibrated.

It's peak season for the Dogwoods right now and every where you turned in the mountains there they were in white, pale pink, or bold pink. Marvelous!

That catches me up on Proj365 so I may take tomorrow off. I have to say, while on our trip I didn't check Facebook, I rarely checked personal email, didn't check the swinger sites (Vince did. Thank goodness!), I didn't read many blogs. I don't do Twitter and I'm not a gal to watch much TV. It's been great. The electronic silence has been soothing to the soul. I may keep it going for a while. We'll see.

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