Sunday, March 20, 2011

78&79-365 Proj365 (And I believe in Unicorns)

Our travels continue to bring adventures and of course, pictures.

Friday morning we were hiking in the woods and came across this marker. It had obviously been there a while (note the huge tree right behind it) and you can see where it used to have a bronze marker affixed to it. Obviously at some point someone thought this place and/or whatever happened here was important enough to mark. 
Not far away, again in the middle of the deep woods, we found this thing -- an iron pipe sticking up out of the ground. Our best guess is that is used to be a water pipe but those days are long gone.
 We later learned that this area was once the home of a CCC camp (Civilian Conservation Corp) who brought this area of the world that had been decimated and deforested by over-logging back to health. So yeah, something important happened here.

Later, we left that part of the world to have a little vacation time and THAT'S when we were contacted by Shay the lovely Unicorn. We met her Friday night and let me say wow. Just wow. She was pretty, funny, smart, cute, chatty, informative, and every other positive description. After our terrific "get to know you" date we decided to get together on Saturday. From 1:00pm on, we laughed, giggled, moaned, had FF, MF, FMF sex etc. Vince took a few photos (sorry, you don't get to see them) and a few hours later we went to a fantastic french restaurant for dinner. Our table was in the wine room of the restaurant.
So.... Unicorns. In this lifestyle they are the holy grail. They can pick and choose, the never have to pay "entrance fees" to clubs or parties, they are considered rare and precious. Of course, there is another side that I think most folks in the lifestyle either forget or don't care about... they are people. In Shay's case, her story leading into the land of swinging is amazing. She is navigating this strange world alone, without a partner to protect and cherish her, and Vince does for me.

She was also the victim of a horrible but fucking typical infidelity story. A decade long monogamous, happy (at least she thought so) marriage. At one point her husband wanted to return to school so she worked the two jobs to support him and pay the fees. Two years later, after he graduated he immediately filed for divorce. That's when she learned that he'd been having an affair for those two years with another student. He moved out, she lost her home and her dignity, had to move in with her mother who refused to allow her beloved pets to come with her. She lost most of her friends, or rather realized they weren't friends in the first place. She became so depressed she checked herself into a hospital because she literally didn't think she'd survive.

I don't know her ex-husband and I hate him. I hate the bitch who agreed to participate in the affair. Those selfish, lying bastards unilaterally decided that Shay's life, happiness, mental well-being didn't matter. They were "dissatisfied" or some other shit and chose to lie to her, for fucking years, rather than suck it up, get some fucking guts, and tell this human being the truth.

Cowards and liars. I hate 'em. I'm serious, there are a gazillion other choices the ex and the other woman could have made and still ended up together. When he realized he wasn't happy in his marriage, he could have said so. When he realized he was attracted to someone else, he could have said so. When he first realized he wanted more than sex from the other woman but to start a new life with her, he could have fucking said so. But instead, he took her money, her self-esteem, two years of her life, and her future trust and faith in other people because he was a coward and an asshole. And I don't give a rat's ass if he was otherwise a solid, up-standing citizen; he could be giving money to widows and orphans, rescuing cats, saving the redwoods, and carrying little old ladies across the street on his back but he's a lying son of a bitch. And maybe she had gained a few pounds and wasn't a porn star in the sack but the price for that shouldn't be what she went through.

Take a moment and look at my "About me" blurb. "Generally nice enough except to liars and bullies." That's me. I don't go out of my way, I don't read "infidelity" blogs or go on their sites. I've never visited AshleyMadison. I'm not going to go out of my way to seek out and engage with those who sincerely believe that what they want and supposedly deserve is sooooo much more important than what the person they swore to love and cherish wants or deserves. Because I really, really, REALLY don't like liars.


  1. We enjoyed your unicorn story and appreciated your support of her. We hope that this adventures continue!

  2. I completely, wholeheartedly agree. There is nothing worse than lying. All that aside though, I'd be lying if I didn't admit to being a teensy-bit envious of your unicorn experience! Sounds like you all had some serious fun together!

  3. PS. A crazy few weeks at the Lane household... something in the water down there?