Monday, March 14, 2011

It was really only a guideline... (and 73-365)

What. A. Weekend.

So we left yesterday's post with a single-sentence mention of a date last night with another couple. We "met" Steve and Julie through the swinger-site we belong to when Steve IM'd Vince and they chatted for a while. It turns out that Steve had been involved in swinging a bit in a previous marriage, but for Julie, this was all new. Though I'm hardly an experienced expert, and we do have a rule that I must speak on the phone with the wife before we set up a date with anyone, so Vince told him to have her give me a call if they'd like to meet or if she'd simply like to talk. She did and we had a great conversation. She was new but definitely interested and curious.

So cut to last night. We met them at the same restaurant where I took the photo of the belly dancer a few weeks ago. Last night, the dancing was provided by this couple:

Julie is lovely -- mid-30s, blonde, happy, and bubbly. He is tall, shaved head, and very charming. To sum up the meal, we talk, laugh, and generally have a great time. At some point I excuse myself to go to the ladies room and when I return, Vince leans in to me and whispers "They just invited us back to thier place. Want to go?"

Now we have a "rule" that we don't play on the first date, hence the title of the post. But I knew from the moment we sat down that this lovely lady was Vincent's type. He's having a ball, so I say "sure!" and then try to slide back out of the booth to leave. He kind of nudges me back in, "No, no. Have a seat for a second." "But aren't we leaving?" I try to slide back out. "In a minute or two." Nudge back in. Steve is finishing up the check, she is starting to stand, and I'm totallly confused because Vince has just asked me if I want to go and is gently pushing me back into the booth. Weird.

 I few minutes later as we're pulling out of the parking lot, Vince turns to me and says "Ivey honey-sugar-baby, I had a woody. I was trying to get you to sit the fuck back down because I think I just scandalized every table we had to walk past getting out of the restaurant." "Ohhhhhhhhh!" Ha!.

So we get to their place and after a little chit chat, Vince asks Julie and Steve what they'd like to do. This was Julie's first time -- first time swinging, first time with a woman (if she wanted), first time with multi-partner sex. And Vince and I found ourselves in the VERY unlikely position of being the "experienced" couple in the room -- HAHA! -- almost 24 hours to the minute after our first full swap.

As it turns out, Julie wanted to go for the full enchilada and we did our darndest to be worthy of being her "first." She was lovely, communicative, enthusiastic, beautiful (did I mention she's mid-30s and drop dead gorgeous blonde?) and an all around girl-with-game. Steve was a delightful surprise. Come to find out this low-key "gentleman" is into Tantric sex (has taken classes), has a talented tongue and fingers, and an absolutely delightful ability and willingness to listen. ;) The guy takes his role in fucking fuckin' seriously!

But we are spent! This morning, Vince and I had the opportunity for some wonderful reconnecting sex, the kind that higlights the difference, in a positive way, between play time and love making. Vincent has been playing my body for almost 16 years and can cut to the chase so-to-speak. Watching Steve work his magic was fabulously fun, and we look forward to doing it again with them and others, but not the same, not the same at all, as staring into my beloved's eyes as he drives me absolutely insane with pleasure. And laughing with the our new friends is terrific, and a worthy way to spend some time, but not remotely on the same plane as basking in the joy, contenment, and love I share with my life partner; my beloved, my Vince.



  1. Wow-ee girl! I thought I had a busy weekend, but you had a B-U-S-Y weekend! Good for you and Vince, and better still that feeling afterwards when it is just the two of you... sounds like you guys are in a great place right now!

  2. Someone is having fun! I am glad that you seem to be starting with a bang!

  3. All that and only 24 hours from the first time... impressive

  4. Sounds like a positively wonderful weekend. Especially the 'reconnection' sex the following morning.

  5. The "reconnection sexual rejoining encounter", I suspect, is a passage many of us travel through in wonder, in love and in a restatement of our desire for our 'one true love'.

    Through 'swinging/sharing' we reinstate our love for each other, our desire to provide comfort for the soul and Freedom from shackles.

  6. You have been so busy and having so much fun!