Friday, March 25, 2011

84-365 A dash to the ladies room

How embarrassing. There I was, last night, at a lovely dinner party hosted by a good friend, and I suddenly realized I hadn't taken OR posted an HNT photo the night before. Dammit. I almost dropped my steak knife and knocked over another guest dashing to the ladies' room mumbling something like "yeah, uh, 'scuse me, gotta run, um, I just forgot, I mean remembered, er, er, nevermind." Sad. Really, really sad.

So here's a little quick pic for you folks a day late 'n a dollar short.
Oh, and that is not, I repeat NOT my tummy resting on the counter. It was the blouse being all blouse-y. The blouse, dammit!

But yesterday was pure proof of what I was concerned about in my last post. I got slammed yesterday which jangled my already frazzled last nerve. Worse, for reason's BE-YOND! my control, Vince and I haven't had a good throw down all week. Hell, we haven't had a mediocre, rushed, whammy-bammy session and let me tell ya friends and neighbors, that ain't good for keepin' lil' ol' Ivey on an even keel. Seriously people. I gotta get laid. And I will. Soon. Dammit! 

(BTW -- Vince says I always get funnier when I'm vexed about something. I dunno. I don't feel very funny. Damn. It.)

(And PS -- Why is the conjunction of "damn," with an N, and "it" auto corrected to "dammit" with two M's. Hmmmmm?!)


  1. Glad you did and i hope you resolve your whammy-bammy session needs as soon as you can. That blouse would go a long way to helping i bet.

  2. You are so considerate to your follower, and I for one really appreciate the effort. It is such a real photo, I love.

    I am hoping, wishing you get laid really soon... do the same for me.