Wednesday, March 2, 2011

61-365 The Fabric of Our Lives (and "Swing" Episode 3 - review)

Of course you recognize the post's title from the old cotton commercial jingle, (sing it with me now!) "The look, the feel, the fabric of our lives!"

Of course, I don't think there's a thread of cotton in this shot.
You may not know it but I'm actually quite girly-girl when it comes to crafts and sewing. For a while, in my late teens and twenties, I used to make most of my clothes. I then evolved into a crafter and for a short time had a little side business selling my handmade wares. And I just luv fabric and craft stores! Oh the possibilities, the beauty, the creativity!! I'm surprised to say it, but it's one of my favorite places to go.

My latest project is a beach chair that will disassemble into a bag small enough to carry on our motorcycle and a matching side pouch (similar to the rifle carriers you'd see in Western movies) that we can carry a beach umbrella in. I think it's going to be pretty cool.

On to Swing, Episode 3!

I mentioned in a previous review of the show that a couple that Vince and I met were going to be on the show. If you're interested, you can see watch the episode on PlayboyTV's website for free here.

First , Kimberly and Michael definitely raised the bar a bit. She is significantly more articulate and apparently intelligent than the previous Mrs. Newbie and he is far more charming and genuine. And that is exactly what we thought of them when we met them for drinks and appetizers last year.

Throughout the program you could see Kimberly's evaluation and assessment of the evening on her face. She didin't appear "scared" -- in fact she exuded confidence -- but you could also tell that she was gathering information and deciding how she felt about it throughout the evening. Michael certainly had an air of excitement and anticipation, but not the slathering dog quality that the previous Mr. Newbie did.

The rest of the house participants seemed a bit different than the first episode; some I recognized but others were new. It may be just my perception, but it appears that the women mostly got "thinner" and "blonder." They also, for  the most part, shared a trait that both Vince and I find fairly unattractive -- the zany-over-the-top-stripper trait. From the coarseness of their language to the vapidness of their communication, other than tits and pussy, I couldn't tell exactly what greater understanding of the Lifestyle they are supposed to bring to the table. The thing is, that within that group I'm certain there IS an intelligent, articulate and STILL sexy, beautiful woman or two in the house (in fact I know there is; one of the other couples are the owners of a swinger-website that we subscribe to) but the direction and the editing of the program seems to indicate that feminine intellect and sexiness are still mutually exclusive. But of course, it IS the Playboy Channel.

Which also means all of my previous criticism still hold. The sex started off with the obligatory multi-woman sex pile, Michael was added and from there provided the uber male-fantasy experience: one cock, multiple pussies and a plethora o'boobies. As time went on, a self-professed "squirter champion," in that he says he can get any woman to squirt and quickly, joined the group. (NOTE TO VINCE -- If you EVER see anyone attacking my delicate lady-parts with that much gusto, assume the asshole has knocked me unconscious and beat the livin' daylights out of him.) But it eventually evolved into the full on Roman orgy we're coming to expect on Swing. And yes, I enjoyed it. It does make it look like lots of fun and I would certainly love to experience it some day.

I'll let you watch the episode to get Kimberly and Michael's take on the evening. Their words and expressions are beautiful, humorous, and genuine. I will say this, my favorite shot, favorite scene of the entire episode takes place near the end. After the previous evening's adventure, after they've spoken with the relationship counselor and shared their take on the night, our Newbie heroes take a shower. And there's a moment in there that just says it all. 



  1. A girl after my own heart! I too have a secret craft side... I didn't appreciate it at the time, but I am so thankful my mom taught me to sew. And I spend many a lunch hour wandering through JoAnn's and Michael's getting a little giddy at all the possibilities!

  2. I am not crafty. I am actually the anti-craft, but I do them because PP loves crafts.

    The show sounds interesting, but cliche.