Saturday, January 15, 2011

15-365 A night out

Last night Vince and I went out to see a cabaret show starring a friend of ours. This lovely lady is actually a lovely guy and at 6'7", a VERY tall glass of fabulous-ness! The show was fun and the fact is this performer is actually a classically trained opera singer, so as opposed to most drag queens who simply lip-sync, he can actually belt out the lyrics and hit all the notes.
After the show, a group of us went to a trendy little bar in a hip little neighborhood. Totally vanilla but I just want you people to know these aren't my legs. Or my arm. Or my hands and in fact I think the hands belong to two different people. Just because the gathering doesn't include swingers, doesn't mean it doesn't get a bit sexy!

And now it's a day for working. We're refinishing the floors in our garage apartment this weekend. Not a hawt as last night but who knows? We may get inspired this evening!


  1. A 6'7" drag queen? That must be quite the site in person!

    How'd the floor finishing project go?