Saturday, January 22, 2011

22-365 Incognito?

Another night on the town with friends! Though this time, it was a crazy kinda mix with some very old, but also kinda new, friends.

High school meets Facebook.

Through the magic that is FB, I've discovered some pretty cool people who all came out of the same backwards, redneck, jerk-water but oh so authentic locale of my youth. Not sure exactly how it happened (we decided it had something to do with leaving town though there was an exception to that in the group too) but we all kind of discovered that the world is larger, better, and vastly more interesting than our upbringing would have allowed us to believe.

It's a convoluted story, but it turned out about 10 of us all get to the same town where Vince had a gig and decided to meet for dinner then go to the club where he was playing for drinks and dancing. But since we had dinner at a local restaurant, and I was in club wear (to play groupie!) we needed to tone it down a bit. One of my high school buds had a trench coat.
Obviously, I didn't take the above photo though we did use my phone. So in keeping with the Proj365 spirit, here's a shot of the sleeve I did take.
But the title of the post is "Incognito" and it has absolutely NOTHING to do with wearing a trench coat to cover up some sexier-than-normally-seen-in-a-steakhouse clothing. Two of the people in the group were the folks I mentioned that had dinner with us when Hubman was visiting. So they are swinger-types who definitely know a little more about our, ahem, extra curricular interests and, shall we say, share them. One guy in the group is someone I flirt with outrageously on FB (not to the extent I do with some of you hehe) but he's a vanilla friend with something a little more fun and spicy in the mix. The others I don't know well enough to judge but it's a pretty safe bet that while they may think that I'm a little "forward", if they knew the extent it would be shocking to say the least! Add to this the fact that Vince was working so the other folks in the band are actually co-workers.
So we were out on the town, half in and half out of the closet, keeping it fun and keeping it on the down low all at the same time. Traveling incognito, so to speak. And it takes more than a trench coat to keep it out of sight.

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  1. Sounds like quite the night out! I hope your friends that I had the pleasure of meeting are doing well!