Sunday, January 16, 2011

16-365 Summing up a Saturday

Since Friday was all about drag queens and drinks with friends, Saturday is about house projects and an evening in. We have have an apartment over our garage. For the last eight years we've used it for our offices (even living in it for over a year as we renovated our house) and before that, we rented it out. With the continuing efficiency of the Internet we no longer need that much space for work and have decided to rent it again.

However, it has the coolest damn hardwood floors you've ever seen. They're heart pine, which was actually the cheap wood back in the day when the place was built but now would run you around $10/board foot. (Yes, I am a remodeling and home improvement geek.) But since the place is empty I can't resist refinishing the floors even though it's "only for a rental."

Here's the first pass with the floor sander right. I'll post more when it's finally done with a good top coating.
And since Vince did most of the sanding he decided to kick back and watch the Steelers' game (being the Pittsburgh boy he is) last night while I cooked supper. He is soooooo ruined! Here he is posting the final score on FB after the Ravens pretty much gave away the game in the second half.
Vince is continuing with the floor today while I get a little work done. This evening, we're off to a concert with some friends as a surprise for the wife's birthday. Not a bad weekend at all!

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  1. Shortly after we bought our house we learned that the entire first floor has hardwood floors under the carpet. We removed the carpet in our bedroom when I repainted a few years ago, seeing the sorry condition of the floor it's obvious it needs refinished throughout the house. Too bad I don't know how/am too chickenshit to try and mess it up...

    Good luck!

    And go Steelers!