Sunday, January 2, 2011

2-365 -- New Year's Day Tradition

Project 365, Day 2 (NEW YEAR'S DAY)

As I mentioned before we don't really have a New Year's Eve tradition but instead tend to gather with friends on New Year's Day. The party started on Jan. 1, 1989 at the home I shared with my roommates, the later migrated to my friend Claire's place. This year, we continue!

The feast! Always more than enough.

The drinks! Oh, and this is Claire making the first of many, many mad Mojitos. And her shirt speaks volumes.
And just 'cause I'm an opportunist, here's a great shot of a nice pair of gams and no, they aren't mine! We tend to hang out in the back yard a bit and this lovely lady snagged the hammock.

And thanks for the latest round of advice, everyone. Os, I'll be in touch soon. Hubman, I'm working on it finding a better way to upload and just ordered the updated software that hopefully will help. We'll see.


  1. That looks like a fun party there. Happy New Year to you.

  2. Wow, we just take down decorations on New Years Day!

    Nice legs, whoever she is :-)

  3. That's quite a buffet there. Looks like a great party.
    Hope you had a great time!