Monday, January 31, 2011

31-365 Blue skies!

In spite of the title, this isn't a post about the weather even though it has been lovely lately.

Yesterday, I had a completely new experience, something I have never done in my 44 years on this planet -- I went up in a tiny little airplane!

And all I can say is Wheeeeeeeee!!!!!! It was fantastic! This little beauty is called a Taylorcraft. It seats two -- and only two -- people. Once inside, here's the controls. That's all you get folks! And apparently, it's all you need.
We took off into a beautiful clear day. (See those horizontal lines in the shot below? That has something to do with the propeller. I have no idea how it happened, just that it wasn't there when I took the photo.) We flew above the Florida farmland and it was just .... wow.

I took this shot looking out the window and you can see our shadow on the ground. What an awesome day!

I just love doing new things. Just LOVE it!


  1. Looks like such a fun experience!
    I love the shadow of the plane in the last pic. :)

  2. I love small planes, my friend is taking me up in his very soon. He promised. Great pictures. I love the vintage look of the plane, it makes it very romantic.

  3. Oh wow, that's awesome!

    I got to go up in a 4 passenger Cessna when I was 17 or so, my dad's girlfriend's son-in-law (got that?) was a pilot and had his own plane. We went up during the Independence Day weekend and see some fireworks shows from above them!