Tuesday, January 4, 2011

4-365 Wrapping up (almost)

The Christmas Season is almost over and all that's left is the wrap up. Sooooo much more fun and exciting to put it up than to take it down!
But actually, TODAY is the last day of the our Holiday celebrations as it is VINCENT'S BIRTHDAY!! Whoooo hooooo!!! My birthday is right before Christmas which those of us born in that time frame know kinda sucks. ("We'll git ya sumthin' reeeeaaaal nice fer Christmas!") But right after is, I think, worse. Everyone is broke and/or hungover, they're all gung ho on their New Year's temperance resolutions, and quite frankly they are just freakin' tired of all the parties. But not us! We're celebrating Vince's presence in this world in general and mine in particular this evening at a local wine bar with friends and neighbors. I'm sure there will be a pic or two up tomorrow!


  1. Have a great time tonight and happy birthday Vince! xoxo

  2. Happy birthday to both of you and have fun!

  3. That prolly did suck as kids. But as adults it seems like a fun way to bracket the season! Happy Birthday!

    Do you call him the Lord of Misrule? And let him spank you? And uhmmmm errr nvm.

  4. Hope you have a fun time. :)
    Ugh...the process of packing decorations away.